Adonis Okere, a.k.a. Uncle Bishop is  a Missionary worth remembering.  He came from the Teenagers' Outreach Ministries (TOM) headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria to work with the TOM Ghana Chapter. He came to help strenghten the Ghana chapter of TOM, an interdenominational outreach group for teenagers.

Uncle Bishop, as his teenagers affectionately called him is a mentor, teacher, preacher, brother, uncle, you name it.  He has been working with teenagers all through his life trying to inculcate the fear of the Lord and true Christian living in them.

One thing I will specially remember him for is his sense of humour, especially during our long vacation camp meetings.  In fact, you need to have an encounter with him to better appreciate what I am saying. 

Bishop, TOM Ghana will forever remember you for your good works and support.  The history of TOM Ghana can never be written without mention of your name.

 God richly bless your family and protect your marriage.

Don't you think he should have moved back a little? 
On his wedding day in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in June 2008.  Happy 3rd anniversary


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