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Do I have a cause not to appreciate God?

Hello lovely people of my blog vile,

Its been such a long time since you guys heard from me on this platform (blog).

Can someone who loves me offer me 1000 boxes of A4 sheet to do something? In fact, I seriously need them cos since 20th December I've been counting my blessings and naming them one by one and almost every sheet in my room has been covered with God's blessings and am still counting and writing.

Lol!! the year 2013 will forever remain one of the years to be remembered by moi. Guess you are becoming anxious to hear and read more. Well, before the end of the 3rd quarter (September), three of my New Year Resolutions had come to pass to the glory of God. Before I could sit down to plan how I was going to testify about it come December 31st, the stinking sting of death sneaked into my mum's room and kidnapped her on 1st October. The sting of death was  stinking so badly that I couldn't get close to it to redeem my dear mum from its claws. Driving to and fro ou…