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A Letter to Dr. Gifty Naana Dansoa Anti

Docia's Nest P. O. Box M171 Accra
1st October, 2015
The CEO GDA Concepts Ltd. Accra
Dear Madam,
In His time, in His time He makes all things beautiful in His time Lord please show me everyday As you're teaching me your way  That you do just what you say In your time
Words cannot describe the feeling that news about your impending marriage has brought to me and all young ladies in this country. I wish to inform you that you are not the only person celebrating your hubby, but every single lady who is also expecting same breakthrough.
When news broke out in mainstream and social media, I couldn't help but give God all the glory because alas, I know that our God never fails. He said in His word that it is not good for man to be alone and therefore, He would make him a helper suitable for him. Surely He has done just what He said. I have known you personally just a few years ago, but I can say with confidence that you are indeed a "…