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Emelda for the crown - Miss Ghana 2013

"The chick that will grow into a giant cock is noticed immediately it is hatched".  I couldn't hide my excitement when I read on facebook that ma lil gal of yesterday (EMELDA MILLS-PAPPOE) is contesting in this year's MISS GHANA beauty pageant. I have known Emelda since 1999 when I first set foot at the then Circle Branch of Word Miracle Church International, now, Perez Chapel International.  Growing up in the Children's Service, Emelda was very respectful, cool and amiable, such a personality that I always wanted to be associated with. She did her best by coming to church early to tidy up the place and assisted in whichever way her strength could carry her. Her contribution in the Drama Group where I was the patron was very enormous, that the group always had something to put up during Children's Day or Week celebrations.
Emelda was one of the girls of the Children Service that I felt at ease advising and correcting whenever the need arose. Even when we went …

Going mobile with my blog

Holala!!! Gone mobile with blogging, so now I go dey blog any time, any where, any how from ma phone bla bla bla bla. Thanks for being with me all this while. Love ya.

CALL ME PEREZ CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL, not Word Miracle Church International

Almost twenty-six years after birth, my parents and other family heads have thought it wise to change my name, even though my original name was slightly changed a few years after birth, I am beginning to love this new name because it is opening doors that has been closed at me for ages, pulling down strong holds that have stood in my way all these 26 years and also taking me to another level. Want to know why my parents changed my name?..

Well, I need to get you some Biblical basis for you to really get my point. To begin with, let me tell you briefly about the background of my name 'Perez'. The story is told of a lady in the Bible who disguised herself and was impregnated by her father in-law, when the time came for her to give birth, the mid-wives stood alert to give her all the necessary assistance because she was carrying twins. Before they could say jack, Kofi's hand was out, the mid-wives were so disturbed because it was unusual for a baby to  come out with its hand…

When the watchman watches in vain

For want of protection, we one way or the other put security checks in place to prevent any incident of theft to our valuables and lives. I have heard of how some people have gone to the extent of keeping awake even though they are guarded by sophisticated security machineries.

A few weeks ago, my Unit undertook a field work which took us to some manufacturing firms in Accra. In the Managing Directors' offices were large screens which were being fed with information from the CCTV cameras mounted all over the premises. I kept telling and asking myself questions that needed no answers.

To me, these Managers are more of security men because I presume they feel the watchman has to be watched also, because when left unwatched, he will watch but, in vain.
Many a watchman have been held prime suspects in cases of theft and armed robbery where their actions have left one with his eye brow raised up in the sky, because he is seen as the protector of lives and properties. But did the Bible…