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Out for fresh air

Hmmm! blogvile

Its been such a long time I took my kids out. In fact I almost got caught up in a seminar we organized for some teachers in Accra. Right after that I hurried home to carry my kids to the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre to be part of the Ghana Music and Food Festival.

Lol! guess what they enjoyed themselves to the fullest as my boy refused coming home with us. In fact they made the best of the day. From the bouncing castle to see-saw, mary go round etc. Just watch these pix I took, I am learning photography so never mind the quality, it will soon get better.

Hope you enjoyed them.


Equipping to Reach Out


You remember I told you my weekend was busy? yeah! You know I am into teens ministry, yes with the Teenagers Outreach Ministries Inc. headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.
Yesterday, we organized a one-day seminar for some teachers of the Children Service of the Word Miracle Church International in Accra. Waow! we had a wonderful time as we equipped them to reach out to teenagers. If you need any form of training do not hesitate to call on us.

Right after the seminar, I took my kids to the Ghana Music and Food Festival at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre.


Akwaaba Week Celebration

Hello Blogville,

Missing you so much, in fact you are now part of my family. I had a wonderful week-end of activities here and there. In fact I really miss you.

Anyway I planned this blog last Friday, but I wasn't feeling so well so I had to postpone it till today.

As part of activities marking this year's Akwaaba (welcome) week celebration to welcome freshers to the African University College of Communications, the Student Representative Council organized series of activites geared towards making these fresh brains feel at home on campus. I wish to share with you a few of the pictures I was able to capture. I only got a few cos I was busy with my office work that I couldn't make it to the full programme.

 Hope you enjoy them, more to come.

New Business in Accra

Opportunity they say comes but once.
  Yesternight's torrential rainfall in parts of Accra has opened a new business avenue for some residents. What they do? lol, they carry people, preferably women and children who can't sail through the floods for a fee of GH¢1.00. What do you think will be their prayer? your guess is as good as mine.

It is Raining

Oh my God! the rains are here again.
Last night's heavy downpour has left parts of Accra in total shambles. Property worth million of Ghana cedis were lost to the floods including two precious lives.
The Minister of Education, Hon. Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu has therefore called for the closure of all schools to enable the National Disaster Management Organisation ascertain the level of damage and safety of classrooms.


For This Cause (part 2)

Imagine you woke up one day to find yourself standing before you in a more refined manner. This is how Adam felt when he woke up from ‘coma’. He couldn’t believe his eyes who was standing before him. In fact, he saw himself in the woman, he could really sense and feel that this is himself. The mysterious aspect of Adam making this statement “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh” is that he Adam was in ‘coma’ when his rib was being taken. How he woke up to realize the woman was taken from him remains a mystery that only the Almighty can tell. Amongst all the bones in Adam’s body, God decided to remove the best and most important to make another human being, but this time fearfully, wonderfully and more refined with exquisite features. No wonder he woke up to make this statement. A closer look at Genesis 2:23-24 reveals that for the purpose of a man coming to the point of realization that his wife is himself in a refined state, he has to ‘leave’ his father and mother and ‘cl…

Marriage University College

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for admission into a 50 year degree programme. Sessions include Regular, Evening and Week-end sessions.Students can also enroll in the Long Distance and On-line programmes.
Programmes BSc. Love & Respect BSc. Reproduction BSc. Finance BSc. Arbitration
Admission Requirement Only matured applicants qualify for admission
Age Limit 20 and above
General Terms No tuition fee.A student admitted will be paid monthly allowance by the International Monetary Fund.Each student shall be required to sign a bond to serve the Marriage University College for 30 years upon completion.
Mode of Application Application forms may be purchased from the Marriage University College at a non-refundable amount of $100.00 in bankers draft payable to:

My Blog funs,
Does this sound funny? Surely it does, cos even though marriage is an institution where we learn and are taught the foundation of building a solid and happy un…


One of the institutions the All-knowing, All-powerful, All-seeing God ordained in all His works was the institution of marriage.
This institution has suffered so much ever since its inception. Right from the garden of Eden, we are told the story of how the absence of Adam from the garden on that fateful day paved way for lucifer to deceive Eve. It is recorded by Theologians that Eve was deceived but Adam sinned.  Being the remnants of the first homo sapien created, man has had to contend with issues of marriage till today.
Almost every marriage in this world has its own issues and challenges to manage. We have heard media reports of marriages of men and women of God, movie stars, artists, football stars and other celebrities that have gone or are going down the drain. The very recent one involves ace gospel musician, Christiana Love.  Its so sad this is happening to this lady. I personally admire Christie so much due to the passion with which she sings.
According to the husband/producer, …


Another tragedy has struck the make-believe industry in Ghana.

After the demise of Theatre guru Efo Kojo Mawubge a couple of weeks ago, and with Ghanaians yet to dry their eyes from their tears, the nation has been hit with yet another piece of sad news.

Information available indicates that, actor and comedian Gilbert Karikari, popularly known as Baffour for his role in the hit TV series “Kejetia”, alongside Miliki Mi Cool and Koo Hia, is dead.

The unfortunate incident, according to reliable sources, occurred last Saturday, October 15, 2011. Co-actor, Seth Karikari, popularly known as Koo Fori, who confirmed this, also disclosed that the deceased had been sick for over a year and was in Tafo, a town in the Eastern Region for treatment.

Koo Fori, who bears the same surname as the deceased, Karikari, said he returned to the country last week after a trip abroad, only to be hit by the news of his colleague actor's death.

According to him, he received a phone call on Saturday afternoo…

Help us to resist opressors

There is an Akan adage that says 'when you pull something and it is not forth coming, then something is holding it back'.
I have wondered why thousands of Ghanaian farmers and residents in our rural areas have suffered so much brutalities in the hands of Fulani herdsmen without the various stakeholders, both past and present doing anything about the menace.

Last Sunday at a programme on the nation's broadcaster, GTV, revelations were made releasing a lot of cats out of the bag. I couldn't close my mouth as I sat with my mouth wide open at the revelations.
A leader of the farmers who was among the panel, when asked why government was silent on the issue revealed that TOP goverment officials and other stakeholders including BIG chiefs and TOP business tycoons OWNED the cattle and only hire the services of the Fulani men to take care of their cattle for a fee. Lol!

Just recently a farmer was shot dead by these normads in one of the farming communities in the Eastern region, i…

Follow The Hat

Hi my blog funs,

Welcome to another exciting week after what seem to be a long week-end.
I really enjoyed my week-end cos I enjoyed a few movies that kept me pondering on some of life's issues.

Though I have watched this African movie before, I would like to watch it over and over again.
A village drunk who saw the angel of death as it passed by was taken away to be given the power to see death approaching and who it was taking away. After rightly predicting a few deaths, the drunk, call him Odumodu, turned this 'gift of discernment of death' into a lucrative business. In fact, the village folks had to queue in his home to be told when death will come for them.

He was warned by the angel of death not to take money from people as he was given that 'talent' free of charge. To cut a long story short, Odumodu was to be coronated as a sub-chief for being the one who told people when they will die when the angel of death threw its hat at him. To the dismay of all present…

Gone Too Soon

Hi my blog funs!

Its been such a long time, you know I am not used to staying away from my blog for
I was in my hometown over the weekend to bid farewell to a beloved relative.
In fact there was no way I could stay away from this funeral, in fact if I had my own way, lol, I would have brought back this lady to life. But you know the good book says in Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thought, neither are your ways my way".

Folks, this lady lost her 20 year old son to death, barely 11 months later, the second one just after completing his secondary education followed suit. This lady had to pull herself together to carry on with life with her husband and 10 year old boy. As if that was not enough, on 18th August, 2011, death knocked on this lady's door, after several knocks without response, entered the room forcefully and snatched this pretty young woman away without allowing her bid her 10 year old son and husband farewell.

Lol, I faithfully refused to b…