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Teenagers Outreach Ministries, Ghana Camp 2011


My X'mas Parcel to You

Watch this for your relaxation.

Seasons Greetings to You

May the fleas of a thousand Afgan camels infest the *ass* of all who wish you evil in the coming year, and may their hands grow too short to scratch. Wish you a blissful X'mas and a new year of divine protection.

Today is my birthday - 20th December 197...

Happy birthday to me -4X How old am I now -4X I am thirty-something years old now -4X May God bless me now -4X Hip hip hip, hurraaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *cutting my cake*
On this special day in my life, I give an unmeasurable gratitude to God for his guidance, favour, mercies, grace and blessing in all these years. I appreciate how far He's brought me and pray He takes me higher and higher because I know for a fact that He's not through with me yet.


What is wrong with my brother?

This is from a DOCIA'S NEST (DN) reader:

My older brother got separated from his wife two years ago and decided to live with his two sons (8 years and 6 years) whiles his wife lives with the only daughter (4 years). Even though he remits them VERY REGULARLY, there are no signs of his wife coming back into the marriage. Even though he cooks very well, he decided to go in for another lady to run the home for him whiles he concentrates on his business. The second lady who is now cohabiting with my brother does virtually EVERYTHING in the home - cooking, washing, scrabbing, in fact everything.
One day I sat my brother down and advised him to customarily marry the second lady since his wife has no intention of coming back. To my dismay my brother said he will never make such a mistake of marrying her, in fact HE HAS NEVER DREAMT of and does not even dream of marrying her, all that he needs is someone to run his home for him and also sleep with. This has been going on for almost two ye…

But for God's intervention

I owe it all to Jesus, I owe it all to Jesus If I am ever anything, all the praise to Him I bring I owe it all to Jesus, I owe it all to Jesus This song of love from deep within, I owe it all to Him
My lil girl who celebrated her 3rd birthday last month was nearly knocked down by a speeding saloon car yesterday just some few meters away from my parents home. Because I work and school at the same time, they spend most of the afternoon with their grannies. Yesterday after taking her lunch, her 10 year old cousin decided that they take a stroll around the house. Not long had they gone out than the car came speeding by, the driver had to immediately apply the brakes to avoid hitting my angel. 
As if that wasn't enough, today in the office I decided to boil some water in a kettle for my medication because my driver came earlier than the normal time, I had to rush to the office without preparing it at home. After boiling the water for about 8 minutes, I tried adjusting my swivel chair so I…

Ghana's Election 2012 - Electoral Commissioner Declares Winner

At exactly 9:55 pm, Sunday December 9, 2012, the Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan declared John Dramani Mahama as President Elect and winner of this year's election. The atmosphere preceding the declaration of the election result was very tense as supporters of the New Patriotic Party complained of rigging of some results at some Constituencies.

Congrats to him anyway.

Ghana's Election on-going

Ghanaians all over the country are today voting to elect a new President and Parliamentarians to steer the affairs of the country for the next four years. As early as 10pm last night, people had already queued up at the various polling stations anxious to cast their ballot. I woke up this morning and decided to take a walk to some few places to observe what was going on. To my dismay people used all sorts of objects to queue, items like gallons, benches, chairs, stones and buckets were used to stand in for persons yet in bed.

Today being a public holiday, some busy streets in Accra have virtually been deserted as only a few cars were seen around. The Osu Oxford street, one of the busiest street in Ghana was totally empty with no business going on.  At the Ministries area, the roads were completely empty-neither humans nor vehicles were in sight. *Giggling* I pray the traffic situation continues till after Christmas.

I took a few pictures for you to see. Do continue reading I will be up…

One day more to election 2012, all eyes on Ghana

With just 1 more day for Ghana to go to the polls all global eyes are firmly fixed on Ghana. Ghana has been described as the beacon of Africa's democracy, a country that has witnessed 5 peaceful polls after a referendum to return the country to democratic rule in 1992. The West African sub-region has witnessed a few political instability for some years now, nevertheless, Ghana has stood tall among them but, the time has come once again for Ghana to prove her ingenuity towards a peaceful political transition.

PEACE!     PEACE!!     PEACE!!!   PEACE!!!!