Did you employ that teacher?

Have you realized someone is teaching your children without your knowledge? 
He is right there in your home - in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, in your car, on your cell phone etc.

Even though you do not  pay him any wage or salary, he willingly teach them (though he is not a charity worker) issues and topics ranging from virtues to vices.  He spends about 3 hours teaching your toddler, 4 hours teaching your kid or teenager and sometimes 4 hours teaching you. He has taught your children various acts of violence, occultism, things you never imagined he could teach them.

It is believed that children who listen to this teacher are likely to be overweight, are likely to show aggressive behaviour and think the way of life is what this teacher tells them.

Neverth eless, this teacher can teach them a lot of good things that can build their lives for a brighter future.  Want to know this teacher?  take a look at these shots.

The teacher in the kids bedroom 

Kids listening attentively to the teacher

teacher teaching kid about suicide or murder

Baby holding teacher's hand book

The Teacher wouldn't even permit kid to have lunch

Poor toddler, she has to listen to teacher whilst feeding from bottle

Couldn't this family spend quality time together instead of listening to this teacher?

Whether playing or not, you have to listen to this teacher


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