The Congress That Ever Was

Prior to the NDC Delegates Congress in Sunyani, there had been widespread rumours in the media and general public about the trend the Congress was going to take.

On Friday 8th July, I sat glued to my TV set anciously waiting to see (feeli feeli) for myself – in fact to have an eyewitness account of the Congress.  Then came Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana host, Paul Adom Okyere, who interviewed Hon.  Fiifi Kwetey and Mr. Kofi Adams on their expectations of the Congress held at the Eusbett Hotel in Sunyani.

Mr. Kofi Adams sited reasons why he thinks and feels Prof. Mills cannot win the elections.  However Hon. Kwetey declined those reasons saying Prof. was going to win by a very significant percentage.
Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwah also took his turn by promising Prof. that he was not going to leave him mid-stream, but sail with and support him through to the shore.

Thanks to Metro TV  who gave their viewers a live telecast of the event.  There was no violence or mayhem as far as my eyes could see, except for a young man who was slapped for attempting to pick-pocket another who was being interviewed by news anchor, Shirley Quartey. Thanks for the timely intervention of the Police who whisked him away to avoid being lynched by the mob.
The NDC has once again proved to Ghanaians that they only bark, but do not bite.  I did not see any display by FONKAR or GAME, as every member identified with the larger family of the NDC.  In fact, the election was as peaceful as a dove. 

 At the end of the day, Prof. polled 2771 out of 2866, representing 96.6% of valid vote cast while Nana Konadu polled 90 out of 2866, representing3.1% of valid vote cast. This, Paul Adom Okyere described as a total humiliation for Nana. Folks, do you agree this is humiliation?
In Prof’s acceptance speech, he entreated all members to let peace prevail and that the campaign for the 2012 General Elections has just began.  He also congratulated Konadu for giving him a good fight.  He however promised Ghanaians he will not take their votes for granted.  He ironically told delegates to ensure the Yutong bus driver is awake to drive them safely to their destinations.  He also entreated delegates to allow the driver to park by the side of the road and have a short nap if he is feeling sleepy.

Nii Lantey Vanderpuije commended J.J. Rawlings for acclaiming Prof. by raising his hands to show victory.  In fact, I felt extremely overwhelmed when J.J. did this, which he usually always does.

A few questions Paul Adom Okyere left with viewers were; Has J.J lost the party he once founded?, Is Prof. his own man?, Will this diminish the role of J.J in the NDC?. Comment on what you think about these questions and lets discuss them.

My own question is, now that the driver has been asked to continue driving the yutong bus, what happens to the passengers who did not want the driver to continue the journey?


  1. As a passenger you need to be more alert than the driver, before you can reach your destination, you must stay awake, do not disturb the driver, make sure the driver had your support. if you allow the diver to rest. It add another years to yours.

  2. Casio, I hope I am not thinking what you were thinking. Those passengers who shout at drivers to speed up or drive slowly are those who cause accidents on our roads, anyway the driver is still behind the steer.


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