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I have a few shots of the wedding I attended at Kasoa in June this year.  In fact I am so particular about this wedding because it was God's doing. By this I mean the couple especially the groom really waited on God, and He indeed showed Himself strong in their lives. Mr. and Mrs. Ampiaw, both of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

They went and never came back

Mr. Quainoo informed his wife he was travelling to a neighbouring town and promised to be back in a couple of days, his wife and children were so anxious because daddy will return with some food stuffs and candies for them. They waited and waited and waited and waited, but daddy never came. The morgue at the 37 Military Hospital on Monday July 25, 2011, gracefully received the bodies of a woman, her three year old daughter and a taxi driver who had bid goodbye to their families that they were going to work, market and school respectively only to find themselves in the cold arms of death.

Day in and day out, the media reports of carnage that claim so many lives on our roads. Statistics available at the National Road Safety Commission reveal an unbelievable number of human resources that are lost through road accidents. From January to June this year, more than one thousand lives have been lost throughout the country with over-speeding and overtaking being the main cause. Drivers in a bi…

Its all about China

Trade liberalization has done and is doing Ghana a lot of good, even though it comes with its own implications. You will agree with me that almost everything on the Ghanaian market has its China version. Household items, electrical appliances, wax prints, ICT devices etc,. One thing I like about the Chinese is that they have made it possible for each person to acquire items according to his means, in order words each person can now cut his coat according to his cloth. A walk through Kwame Nkrumah Circle towards the Vodafone office in Accra reveal a lot of these Chinese phones which are so affordable that even a primary school pupil can afford. Once I went to a shop to buy a cell phone, I was told the price was GH¢875.00.  I inquired about the Chinese version of that same phone and was told it costs GH¢60.00. Can you imagine the difference? If I had bought the Chinese phone I would have saved about GH¢815.00. Wax print sellers in the Central Business District also share the same story. …


About two weeks ago on my way to work, I overheard a young man (obviously in his early twenties) talking with someone on phone (I was walking directly behind him). All I heard was “charlie make you come join us fight for our human rights, we wan make them legalize this gay stuff so we go be free, make you pray hard..........”  I was convinced beyond all reasonable doubt he was a gay. In the evening of that same day, on GTV, the Christian Council of Ghana led by its General Secretary, Rev. Fred Deegbe was appealing to government never to make the mistake of passing into law any bill concerning homosexuality in the country.
Homosexuality is a romantic or sexual attraction or behavior between members of the same sex or gender.  It is a hybrid of Greek and Latin. The first word is derived from Greek (ὁμός) homos, 'same' (this is not related to the Latin word ‘homo’ meaning 'man', as in Homo sapiens), thus connoting sexual acts and affections between members of the same se…

Inside a Lady’s handbag

Have you wondered why ladies cannot go out without their handbags? Could it be the content, to compliment one’s make-up?, could it be that they are accustomed to it?, could it be a habit?, or addiction?, or better still a tradition? Whatever the reason, your guess is as good as mine.

One day I was attending an interview, so I decided to carry only the envelope containing my documents.  On my way I felt I had left something so I stood for some minutes trying to recollect exactly what it was. After all efforts to recollect proved futile, I continued my journey.  When I left the interview room, I asked a colleague whether she had seen my handbag. It was afterwards that I remembered I did not carry a handbag along.
What will make a lady not go out without a handbag. Most ladies complete their unfinished make-up in the office, school, market or place of work, hence the need to carry such things as comb, hair brush, mirror, make-up kit, neck-lace, ear-rings, rings, wrist-watch etc. in their…

How well do you know yourself?

One of the most reliable means of learning to know oneself is the study of the temperaments. If a person is fully cognizant of his temperament, he can learn easily to direct and control himself. If he is able to discern the temperament of others, he can better understand and help them.

To determine your temperament, ask yourself these questions

Do I react immediately and vehemently or slow to a strong impression made on me?
Am I inclined to act at once or remain calm and wait?
Does the excitement or anger last a long time or only for a short while

My first exposure to the study of the temperaments was eleven years ago when I entered Secretarial school. In fact I really enjoyed that class because it was then I realized why no two people are the same, not even twins who come from one egg (ovule). Thanks to my lecturer, Mr. Theophilus Addy of the YWCA Secretarial School.

Take a quick look at the reactions (symptoms) below and know where you belong.

Sanguine Temperament

He is friendly in s…


Have you chanced upon these symbols before? Occult symbols are fast replacing Christian symbols in our culture. I therefore encourage you to take note and warn others, especially Christian children who unknowingly wear and display them because they are  used by popular celebrities and organizations all over the world.
Note that some of these symbols have double meanings. For example, the pentagram has been used to transmit occult power in all kinds of rituals for centuries, but to Christians the same shape may simply represent a star - a special part of God's creation. The image of a fish may mean a sign of the zodiac (astrology), but to Christians it means following Jesus and sharing the message of His love. We will continue to delight in the cross, while recognizing that others use the same image to represent their dark forces.

ALL-SEEING EYE:A universal symbol representing spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge, insight into occult mysteries. Look at your $1 bill.  EYE i…


As part of activities of ministering to teenagers, Teenagers Outreach Ministries (TOM) organizes a six-day camp meeting for teenagers during the long vacation.  For the past seven years TOM Ghana has organized camps in places like; Labone Secondary School, PRESEC, Hebhzibar near the Peduase Lodge, St. John's Preparatory Achimota, Girls' Guide Achimota under various themes such as; Back to Base, Dare to be Different, Unmasked, Who etc.

Activities during the camps include; Quiet Time, Faith Clinic, Bible Studies, Platoon meetings, Musical Nights, Traditional and Cultural Nights, Group Games, Symposium, Burning Issues, etc. Normally, Fridays are set aside for fasting and prayer, during which time participants are encouraged to wait on the Lord and also pray for themselves, family and friends, Alone with God is an activity that enable the teenagers have a one on one encounter with the Lord.  On Saturday, all teenagers go on evangelism known in the TOM circles as Operation Tell, th…

3 Months Maternity Leave versus 6 Months Exclusive Breast feeding

Pregnancy, child birth and the nursing period is a stage in life almost every career mother will always fancy and adore. The bringing to life of a human being is most cherished when the mother has ample time nursing the baby. The first and second trimester after birth is a time when physical bonding starts between mother and baby, even though spiritual bonding starts from inside the womb.
However, the Labour Law stipulates that a career mother has only twelve (12) weeks or three (3) calendar months to spend with her new baby, and in the case of multiple birth, a further two (2) weeks is added before resuming full duties.  The twelve weeks actually starts from two (2) weeks before birth, so in actual sense, the mother has ten (10) weeks to spend fully with her new baby.  This law contradicts the World Health Organization’s policy initiative advocating for six (6) months of exclusive breastfeeding. In some organizations, the mother is given a nine-month nursing period during which time sh…

Did you employ that teacher?

Have you realized someone is teaching your children without your knowledge? 
He is right there in your home - in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, in your car, on your cell phone etc.

Even though you do not  pay him any wage or salary, he willingly teach them (though he is not a charity worker) issues and topics ranging from virtues to vices.  He spends about 3 hours teaching your toddler, 4 hours teaching your kid or teenager and sometimes 4 hours teaching you. He has taught your children various acts of violence, occultism, things you never imagined he could teach them.

It is believed that children who listen to this teacher are likely to be overweight, are likely to show aggressive behaviour and think the way of life is what this teacher tells them.

Neverth eless, this teacher can teach them a lot of good things that can build their lives for a brighter future.  Want to know this teacher?  take a look at these shots.