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Alas! It is true, Elder Dennis is not among the living

OMG! how I wished my ears deceived me, but lo, my wish is not His wish, neither are my ways His ways. I have doubted the exit of my friend, colleague and elder ever sinceI heard the news and even wrote on my blog that "till I see your casket being lowered 6 feet down, I will continue to doubt your death", but yesterday, I saw it all with my mortal eyes the final service and burial of my elder and even followed till almost every body left the grave yard.

The church auditorium was filled to capacity, colleagues from the Ghana Revenue Authority where he worked since 1994, old school mates, high powered delegation from the church's head quarters, fellow elders, deacons and deaconesses, all members of the church came to bid farewell to a man who gave his life in the service of God. My tears refused pleas from friends and flowed freely down my cheeks.

His biography and tributes were presented by those he shared his life with; amongst them included tributes from his wife, sibli…

Cashing in on the dead - Whitney Houston's velvet dress auctions from £1,000

I couldn't believe someone is planning to make some cash out of Whitney Houston's death. Mehn! can you believe that? how can some people be that heartless.  Anyway I chanced on these comments that were posted in reaction to the said auction.
For your ears only.

Docia • Taifa, Ghana
This is sheer wickedness and idolatory. Why don't they rather build a monument where her clothes, accessories and other assets can be kept for tourists attraction. This way, people can come from accross the world to pay and watch, rather than an outright sale. Who takes the money from the auction? fair reviews • Miami, Florida
who buys this stuff? honestly who wants to pay thousands of dollars for an dress just because a celebrity wore it? thats such idolotry. David its monday for christ sake whitney was buried on saturday talk about no class. u can say its for arts sake and all that nonesence the dirt hasnt even settled on her grave unreal...!  Ericka K • Macomb, Michigan
Where as I agree th…