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A confused husband needs your advice

Hi good people of blog ville,
One of my readers inboxed me to seek advice on an issue that is bothering him.
Lets call him Alvin, he's been married to Brenda for almost eight years now with a 3 year old girl. Initially, Alvin was diagnosed of low sperm count and erectile dysfunction which he made Brenda aware of before they got married. According to Alvin despite his condition he is able to *satisfy* his wife who seldom complains of short duration of sexual intercourse.

Alvin's headache is that for a few years now Brenda has started sleeping around with other men. He says there are occasions where Brenda will seek permission to visit her father and will end up in another man's house. Her co-workers and even school mates have entered her. Her attitude has made her shed her matrimonial responsibilities that Alvin lays the bed, cook for the family, bath their 3 year old girl and take her to school. The most annoying part of it all is that Brenda even does it with some of her …

Ghana's Contestants in Election 2012

Here are the political parties vying for the HOT seat. Do you want to know my man? *coughs*

Make Ghana Proud - Kofi Annan tells Ghanaians

A former United Nations Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan, has called on Ghanaians to make the 2012 general election further proof that the country is a true African success story whose best days are yet to come. He said, “Beyond party differences, there is the greater national interest at stake. After the elections, we shall have to work together across party lines to pursue the development of our country. Much remains to be done to ensure a better future for our children. We cannot afford to let them down.” He explained that since 1992, Ghana, above all its electoral issues, had conducted five elections and seen two peaceful transfers of power between parties and made the country become a by word for electoral success and political stability in Africa.

Malta Guinness Live Concert

It’s going to be the biggest concert to mark the end of the year in a very gargantuan style with Malta Guinness. 1st December, 2012 is the date and the venue is the Independence Square, Accra. Ashh! don't be a drop out.

Ghana's Election 2012 - We need your prayers

With 10 days to our election, all that my family, I and well meaning Ghanaians ask of you is your prayers. We have no where to go in times of civil war. So if you say a prayer, say one for us.

Happy World Toilet Day

Hi wonderful people of blogville,
Today, November 19 is World Toilet Day and the theme is "I give a shit, do you?" Wish you a lovely celebration.

Former Vice President of Ghana laid to rest

Thousands of mourners thronged the Independence Square on Sunday 18th November to bid farewell to their departed former Vice President, Alhaji Aliu Mahama, who passed away on Friday 16th November 2012.  The mortal remains was conveyed from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital clad in the national colours to the venue.

Members of the opposition New Patriotic Party, under whose ticket he served as a Vice President were there in their numbers to mourn their departed fellow.
His body was later flown to Tamale, his hometown in the Northern Region where he was buried in a grave dug in the center of the compound of one of his homes at Kalpohini Estates.

He was a man of few words, but full of action.

May he rest peacefully in the bosom of Allah.

Fare thee well.

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Ghana's Former Vice President is dead

A former Vice President in the Kufuor led NPP Administration, His Excellency Alhaji Aliu Mahama has been called to eternal rest. He passed on after a short illness at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. Information about his health was made public after the President, John Dramani Mahama called on all Muslims to pray for him when he had gone to worship with them at the just ended Eid-Ul-Adha celebrations.

Ghana has really suffered a lot this year with the passing on of its sitting President, John Atta Mills and we hope nothing of this sort happens again.

He will be buried according to Islamic customs. Stay tuned for more updates.

May Allah grant him eternal rest.



Happy Birthday to my lil girl, Teresa Maame Afua Obiri Asare

One day I walked into a mother-care shop to buy some clothes for my son, as soon as I entered, a baby girl's dress caught my attention that I stood and sheepishly stared at the dress till the shop attendant asked me why. It was then I realised how anxious I was getting with the issue of having a baby girl. Not long atfer, I took seed and when a scan confirmed a baby girl, I felt like entering my womb to see my little angel, mehn! that day the Heavens kissed the Earth.

Today 13th November 2012 as you celebrate your 3rd birthday, all that myself, Caleb and daddy wish you is God's blessing, favour and power as you sojourn this world. May you live to be that courteous, beautiful and smart lady that we will always look up to.


Wait until we are in crisis

In 1998 Ghana experienced an unprecedented load shedding all over the country. During the period, government came out to promise a lot of interventions to curb the situation. This was after a lot of businesses had layed off their workers and people lost their homes to fire as a result of power fluctuations and its associated mishaps. This motivated me to write an article under this headline for publication in one of the weekly newspapers.  The said article never was because after my father read it, he lamented he wouldn't be responsible for any issues that may arise if certain issues I've addressed are made public. Dependent as I was, I decided to do away with my article with the hope that later in life, the need may arise.

Wednesday 7th November will forever remain in the history of Ghana and Melcom Group of Companies as a five-storey building housing the Achimota branch of Melcom Stores collapsed to the ground. As of the time of writing this article, 76 people have been resc…

The Melcom building collapse - Death is Inevitable

Death they say is inevitable, but how one exits this world is what really matters. We wake up in the morning and bid good bye to our families and loved ones with the hope of meeting with them again in the evening, but some of the good bye end up being the last of such a gesture. Yesterday my eyes couldn't believe what it saw as trapped bodies cried for air and water. Those whose cries could not penetrate the thick concrete  pillars to the Rescue team and onlookers gave up their ghost. Oh! man born of a woman is but of few days.

May their innocent souls rest in peace.

Picture: Courtesy Ghanaweb


And Melcom Store Came Tumbling Down

At least three people have been confirmed dead and several others injured when a four-storey building housing the Achimota branch of Melcom Stores came tumbling down on Wednesday morning. Several others are feared to be trapped in the debris of concrete blocks, household goods and some food items.

Information reaching me indicate that some unscrupulous young men are taking advantage of the situation to loot items at the scene but for the intervention of security personnel from the Army, Police and Fire Service.

My condolence to the bereaved families.

Shouts out to OBAMA

If someone had prophesied in the 14th century that a negro will rule America in the 21st century I would have doubted him/her. But here we are witnessing President Obama's victory over Mr Romney, isn't God good?