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Hello my blog funs, its been a long time since you heard from me. Well, presently I am with my Ghanaian and Nigerian teenagers at a camp meeting at the St. John's Preparatory School at Achimota. Lol, its been such a wonderful time, you know our Nigerian brethren arrived in Ghana at about 11:15 pm on Monday. In fact they were so tired that they just had to take beverage and go to bed. They were accompanied by the Teenagers Outreach Ministries President, Ihezie Imo and some of their teachers.

They are enjoying Ghana so much especially, the Ghanaian dishes even though it looks strange to some of them.

We've been holding talks and Bible Studies for them. Also included in the programme is aerobics, otherwise known as 'Arise and Shine', lol check me out in my jogging wear and doing my own thing.

Tonight is our Traditional/Cultural/Talent Night. This programme is to enable the teenagers keep in touch with their roots and also be able to be innovative. I will get you the picture…


When asked whether women's crave for equality was good, a contestant at the Miss Xcel Plus Beauty Pageant hosted by the nation's broadcaster answered in the negative. I felt so disgusted. Could it be that she didn't understand the question? or it was out of sheer ignorance? Whatever her reason was, I believe equality should be the topmost agenda of every woman.
The United Nations convened the Fourth World Conference on Women on 4-15 September 1995 in Beijing, China. This Conference was widely known as 'The Beijing Conference. Delegates had prepared a Declaration and Platform for Action that aimed at achieving greater equality and opportunity for women. The three previous World Conferences were in Mexico City (1975), Copenhagen (1980) and Nairobi (1985).
Even though I was in secondary school, I remember very well that this conference sought among other things to advance and empower women in relation to women’s human rights, women in education, women and poverty, women in …

Miracle Ladies Conference

The women's wing of the Word Miracle Church International (Miracle Ladies) held their biennial Women's Conference from 9th to 14th August 2011 at the Perez Dome at Dzorwulu. It was such a great ocassion as we had women pouring in from all corners of the country. Though I missed most of the days as I was out there caring for my hospitalized family member, I made for the lost days on Friday, Saturday and climaxed it on Sunday. some of the speakers were Rev. Betty King and Rev. Mrs. Ruthlyn Bradshaw from the United Kingdom, the host speaker was Rev. Mrs. Vivian Agyin Asare (the mama of the house).

We were so much blessed when the Papa of the house, the torch-bearer, the dream-carrier, in fact the founder and General Overseer of the Word Miracle Church International, Right Rev. Dr. Charles Agyin Asare mounted the pulpit on Friday morning to bless the women. I would have wept if I had missed his sermon. In fact his sermon was more practical than even cooking. I will blog a full pres…


Oh! my lovely readers, I have missed you so much, in fact, words cannot explain how much I have missed you. It looks like ages since I posted a few stuffs. Thank God am back, but I am going to tell you all that I was out there doing. I had some kind of rough and smooth week, but thank God the glory of God was manifest. Folks until you experience something, you don't really appreciate what those in it go through. I had a nasty (call it wierd) experience with some of our public health institutions last week and pray it NEVER happens again. Want to hear?

Well a family member was seriously ill and had to be transfered from a community clinic to the Ridge Hospital in Accra.  On getting there and after carrying the patient to the appropriate unit, were told to go get a folder before the patient will be taken care of, sounds strange isn't it? The patient had to sit in pain till the folder was brought, even with that the doctor told us a lot of people had been there since morning and s…

By His stripes we were healed


 It was all joy as my 3 year old  son participated in their school's graduation day even though he wasn't a graduand, the recitation of his nursery rhyme sent me down my memory lane some 30 years ago. All of a sudden, my one year old baby girl started feeling feverish, we couldn't wait till the end of the programme and had to leave. 


We spent Sunday at the SSNIT Hospital at Osu where she was diagnosed and given treatment, as if that was not enough, the boy also had his turn on Monday, in the process of treatment I also got infected with body pains all over. So in the nutshell, mother, son and daughter all fell sick within a matter of days. But you know what? let me tell u a secret, if satan knew sending Jesus to the cross will pave way for our salvation, he never would have thought of it. So u see ignorance is the greatest disease. My Bible tells me that "by His stripes we were healed". Lol, our condition afirms the fact that healing is our bread, its ju…