Inside a Lady’s handbag

 Have you wondered why ladies cannot go out without their handbags? Could it be the content, to compliment one’s make-up?, could it be that they are accustomed to it?, could it be a habit?, or addiction?, or better still a tradition? Whatever the reason, your guess is as good as mine.

One day I was attending an interview, so I decided to carry only the envelope containing my documents.  On my way I felt I had left something so I stood for some minutes trying to recollect exactly what it was. After all efforts to recollect proved futile, I continued my journey.  When I left the interview room, I asked a colleague whether she had seen my handbag. It was afterwards that I remembered I did not carry a handbag along.
What will make a lady not go out without a handbag. Most ladies complete their unfinished make-up in the office, school, market or place of work, hence the need to carry such things as comb, hair brush, mirror, make-up kit, neck-lace, ear-rings, rings, wrist-watch etc. in their hand-bags. Other items one may find in a lady’s bag include sanitary pad, toilet roll, panty liners etc., if you are curious enough, you may find such items as brassier, panties, spare dresses, shoes, tooth brush etc. The latter items are not commonly found as they are only used for a ‘particular’ purpose and are normally found in ladies bags either on Mondays or Fridays. Want to know the reason? Guess?

Some few questions for you

Can you go out without a handbag?
What is the commonest item in your handbag?
Which can you do without, cell-phone or handbag?


  1. I asked a aide whether she had apparent my handbag. It was afterwards that I remembered I did not backpack a backpack along.

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