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My Degree or Dignity?

From a Docia's Nest reader:

I am a 24 year old lady in my final year at the university and preparing my long essay. My supervisor who also happens to be the head of my Department is pressurizing me to sleep with him or stand the risk of him not approving my work which will eventually prevent me from graduating. The worst part of it all is that, I recently won a full scholarship to pursue a Masters degree in Ukraine online, which conditions states that I either enroll for the next academic year or lose my scholarship. Coincidentally, my fiance is studying Medicine in Ukraine and we will be getting married right after my Degree programme.  I am in a total dilemma and don't know what to do.

Who wore it best, ace Actress Yvonne Okoro or the white lady?


The enemy struck my eyes, but my God was faithful

Going to bed on Monday 14th January with clean bright eyes and waking up on Tuesday morning with dark red eyes was something that almost marred the beginning of a blissful year for me.  I was compelled since then to wear dark shades to the office and school that earned me names like; Steve Wonder and Stephanie Wonder. But guess what? by His stripes I was healed over two thousand years ago in the courtyard of Pontious Pilate. Little did the devil know that each stroke of the horse-whip Jesus received healed a disease. I stood on this fact, prayed to my God the healer, and glory be to Him I am healed.

See how my eyes looked. Viewer discretion, please.

The New Nadia Buari

Check ace Ghallywood star, Nadia Buari in her new looks after shedding off some few kg.

Photo credit: Ghanaweb

Interview with Teenagers Outreach Ministries President


2011 teens Camp Aerobics


Swearing in of President elect, John Dramani Mahama underway in Ghana

The swearing in of President elect of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is underway at the Black Star Square in Accra Ghana as you read this post. The ceremony has been boycotted by the New Patriotic Party who have filed a suit at the Supreme Court contesting the declaration of John Mahama as President. However a former President on the ticket of the NPP, John Agyekum Kufour is there but in the capacity of a Former President and not in the name of the New Patriotic Party.

Keep reading as I bring you more update.

Welcome 2013 - My Year of Greater Impact

Dear 2013,
You are most welcome to the times and seasons of God who created heaven and earth. I pray that you restore unto us all that the year 2012 took from us, the disappointments, accidents, natural disasters, sicknesses etc.
May all that my God has said about us and our families come to pass in your era. May we sing a new song by 31st December 2013.