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Have you been there before?


Located on a promontory near a cave in Senya Beraku in the Central Region, Fort Good hope can be sited close to a landing beach. It was built by the Dutch in 1667 and named Fort de Goede Hoop to serve as a transit point for the export of human beings, oh! sorry, slaves.  Thank God my great-great-great grand parents did not go through the Gate of no Return. In 1724, it was rebuilt to house the increasing number of slaves after being abandoned for several years.  The British took over in 1868 and later abandoned it in 1957.  In 1980 it was refurbished into a rest house.
In fact, it is a nice place to be especially when you want to relax and have a feel of the serene atmosphere around.  Take a look at the shots and pay a visit.


Give Clear and Concise Instructions
Mrs. Fletcher instructed her daughter Lolita never to climb trees because boys will see her pants.On arrival from the market she saw her sitting on a tree in their backyard.This is what ensued.
Mrs. Fletcher-         Lolita haven’t I warned you never to climb trees because boys will see your pants?
Lolita-[showing remorse]Sorry mum, I removed my pants before climbing the tree.
Mrs. Fletcher looked into the sky and walked away.

The Goat and the Paper
A teacher once asked his pupils to draw a goat eating a piece of paper.He went round to collect his assignment and this is what took place between himself and Alex.
Teacher-Alex, where is your assignment? Alex-Sir, as I was drawing, the goat was eating the paper, by the time I had finished, the goat had finished eating the piece of paper.
The teacher couldn’t help but laugh along with the class.

Apples for Sale

Apple is a fruit I enjoy eating though not very often.The secret behind my admiring apple is because it was first introduced to me by my husband-then my brother-in-the Lord.In actual fact, he started toasting me with apples.
These apples I am writing about though sweet, they are not edible. Often whenone attends programmes like the Ghana Music Awards, Ghana Movie Awards, Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant, Miss Malaika Ghana, ACRAG Awards, just to mention but a few, one is greeted with these apples which are often offered (for only window shopping) by our pretty women folk from all classes of society – ranging from celebrities, students to the commoner.Noted among them are popular celebrities and students from our tertiary institutions.
Gone are the days when a woman’s clothes were taken off before one saw her apples, these days however, the apples are seen even before the clothes are taken off.If you think otherwise, take a close look at the shots below. Are these simply evening dresses or cont…

Unplanned Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS, which is more dangerous?

The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) is championing the course of planning our families through the use of contraceptives.However, the spate of the use of contraceptives among young unmarried women, most especially, students of first and second cycle institutions is very alarming considering the zeal by governments and civil society groups to minimize the spread of HIV/AIDS on our part of the West African sub-region.
The (ABC) acronym used by the Family Planning Units of our health institutions simply means; Abstinence, Being faithful and Condom use. During HIV/AIDS sensitization programmes in schools, students are often encouraged and advised to stick to the first letter of the acronym – Abstinence, since the priority of their life at that stage is their education, and therefore any form of interference, be it HIV/AIDS or pregnancy can jeopardize their future. In a bid to enjoy themselves and still be in school, st…

Make-Up or Mask?

One of the things women love to do but which puts some men off is make-up.There is the belief that a woman’s real beauty is what is seen early in the morning when she wakes up.Once I bumped into an elderly woman at the Makola market.In fact, I tried hard to control myself because I couldn’t help laughing.The make-up on her face could well be enough for about four people. It was a complete mask, which made her look more of a masquerader.
Women wear make-up for various reasons and for various occasions ranging from weddings, parties, dinners, funerals to office. However, the level of some make-ups makes it difficult to tell whether it is meant for the office or fashion show.We have no knowledge of the chemicals used in manufacturing these cosmetics which sometimes may be harmful to the skin. Dermatologists have had to contend with skin diseases associated with some of these cosmetics. For whatever reason or occasion you may decide to wear make-up, just be modest. The removal of make-up i…

Isn't She Beautiful?

I just admire this lady from the bottom of my heart. Whenever I come across her image on a billboard - IPMC, GLO, UB hair relaxer, just to mention a few, I stand still, admire this creation of God and walk on. This affirms the saying that "Ye are fearfully and wonderfully made". Imagine she had one eye, one ear under her chin and lips above her eyes. Indeed God is the perfect artist.


God gave His angels charge over my home.  I couldn't believe my eyes what I saw upon entering my kitchen on Thursday 26th May 2011.
After boiling water in the morning to bath my kids, I forgot to put out the burner, though I had lowered the fire.  I got home from school around 9:15 pm only to find the inside of the saucepan as white as though it had just been placed on the fire.
I opened my mouth in astonishment, thanking God for this miracle - after fourteen hours of leaving the house.  Isn't God good?
"What shall I say unto the Lord, all I want to say is thank you Lord"


“Rain, rain, go away Come again another day People want to dry their wet clothing Rain, rain, go away”
While some people pray it rains cats and dogs, others pray it rains ants and lice.In recent times, parts of Ghana, especially, Accra, have been hit by perennial floods as a result of long hours of heavy downpour.
Homes, properties and even lives have been lost to these floods, not forgetting the economic implications on government and other relief agencies.The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), the Catholic Relief Services and other NGOs have in their own small ways help to put back smiles on the face of victims.
My main concern for writing this piece is the ‘wait until we are in crisis’ mentality of some people.The indiscriminate and improper disposal of waste into drains, lack of drains and building on water ways cannot be over emphasized when the issue of flooding is being discussed. One of the worst floods that ever hit Accra was from Monday 3rd to Tuesday 4th July 199…


I laughed my heart out when I read on the internet that Jesus could not make his trip because the prophet missed his calculation. Could it be that he was a poor mathematics student, or his mathematics teacher did not teach him well. Whatever the reason is, he should see himself as responsible for the death of all who ignorantly sold their belongings and committed suicide awaiting Jesus.

Funny enough, he has predicted another date (October 10, 2011) by then, Heaven must have finished processing His biometric passport.How sure is he this time around? Those who may want to sell their properties (houses, cars etc; how about their bank account) should contact me, since they will be sold at a reduced price.I urge all who read this piece to ignore him with passion and view him a messenger from the pit of hell.


William Shakespear of blessed memory asserted that "all the world is a stage" and we are mere actors.  Actors come on stage briefly, perform their roles and exit the stage.  In the same way, we are born into this world, play our various roles and purposes and exit (death) the stage unto backstage (eternity).  The backstage is where the real life goes on.

As actors we have to perform our part (role) very well to the admiration of the director (God) before our time elapses.  Have you had to complete an assignment before the next day and suddenly the lights went off?  As long as it is day, as long as we have strength (youthful), we must keep on doing the work of Him who sent us (redeemed us from evil) because night is coming when no one can work.  Your night could be old age, sickness, deformation or physical disability which may render you incapable of doing God's work.  Today is your time, tomorrow may never be your.

The song writer says "one day at a time, sweet Jes…


The following conversation ensued between Ato and Beesiwa.
Beesiwa:Ato, how long have you been sitting here with these luggage? Ato:For the past three days. Beesiwa:[surprised] You don’t mean it, why? Has your landlord ejected you? Ato::No, I heard the Son of Man is returning on May 21, so I sold all my belongings except this few in order to go with Him. Beesiwa:[laughing] But those you sold them to, aren’t they going with Him when He comes? Anyway, today is May 22, what do you intend doing, since there is no sign of His arrival? Ato:[disappointed] I guess I have to go back to my village and come at a later date. [Exit]
This is the way some people comprehend the second coming of Christ.The book of Luke chapter twelve verse thirty five to forty stipulates clearly how believers should prepare for His second coming.All we need to do is to be ready (spiritual readiness) – confess our sins and surrender our lives to Jesus, accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and continuously confess our sins whenev…


Have you for once, wondered why God did not create you a tree to be used for lumber?, herrings to be eaten with kenkey?, an ant or millipede to be crushed under feet?, horse or donkey to chew grass and be sat upon?, or any creature?.This is because God has a plan and purpose for creating you a human being with a body, soul and spirit.
You were not created to occupy space on this earth.Scientists have defined matter to be anything that has weight and occupies space.Beloved, you are not matter.God created you with a purpose to be fulfilled.It is up to you to identify your purpose and live to do or fulfill it.The Bible tells us on the Judgement day God will tell those who claim to heal the sick and drive out demons He does not know them, except those who do His will. My question is, do you know God’s will for your life?, for redeeming you?.
The most painful experience for a servant is to tirelessly perform the wrong task or assignment.Imagine you ushered in the church all your life only to…


The Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary defines the mouth as the opening in the face used for speaking, eating etc. The Bible on the other hand, describes it as a small organ which boasts of great things; is like fire, it is a world of wrong occupying its place in our bodies and spreading evil through our whole being.

Theologians believe that Abraham did not tell his wife, Sarah, about the plan to sacrifice Isaac as commanded by God.  According to Genesis 22:3 he woke up early in the morning and took Isaac and embarked on the supposed journey of no return.  If he had told Sarah God's plan, she would have told Isaac not to sleep in the house that night because he was going to be sacrificed.

The poor, highly indebted widow who was commanded by Elisha to borrow empty jars from her neighbours, was emphatically told to close the door on herself and her sons.  This door, even though, was a physical one, Bible scholars believe the door was symbolic of the widow's mouth.  If she …


Occultism as we all know involves exploration of the supernatural by means of divination, spiritism among others, thus, things not seen by the physical.
Gone are the days when the youth especially children did not know what occultism was all about, but, due to the proliferation of foreign movies especially Nigerian films – ‘Karishika’, 'Blood Billionaires', 'Bigger Boys', 'Last Wish', 'Exchange of Power', 'Knight of the Night', 'Last Occult', 'The Wolves' and Ghanaian movies such as; 'Malam Issa', 'Yahoo Yahoo', 'Cafe Guys, 'Ataara', 'Kyeiwaa', 'Otan ne Ahooya' just to mention but a few, such occultist movies make the young ones unduly superstitious and this situation can shatter their sense of logical evaluation of issues.
Two out of ten children between the ages of 5-9, three out of ten children between the ages of 10-12 and four out of ten children between the ages of 13-17 know what i…


This is a story about 4 friends named; Everybody, Somebody, Nobody and Anybody.
There was an important job to be done, and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job.Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.
Refer to Colossians 3:23