Happy Birthday to my lil. boy, Caleb Obiri Asare

Exactly five years ago today, you landed safely in my arms with smiles all over your face. Your smile informed me that alas! you haven't missed your way, and that you've come to stay. Your birth brought us so much joy and exhilaration since you were the first fruit of my womb. 

On this special day, as we celebrate your 5th birthday, your dad, Mr. Frank Obiri Asare, your mom, Mrs. Docia Obiri Asare and your kid sister, Teresa Maame Afua Obiri Asare wish to tell you that we love you and are honoured to have you as a son and brother, and pray that the Almighty God who gave you to us will also protect, guide, bless and honour you to be father, uncle and grandfather of this wonderful family.

May the good Lord also give unto you a seed of righteousness and all your sons may He sanctify in the midst of the whole earth; may nations serve you, and all the nations bow themselves before your seed. Be strong in the presence of men and exercise authority over all your enemies then your ways and the ways of your sons will be justified.

May the Most High God give you all the blessings and may you be forgiven all your transgressions and sins of ignorance.  May He strengthen you and cause you to inherit the whole earth. May your seed from generation to generation for ever be blessed and may He cleanse you from all unrighteousness and impurity.

We love you.



  1. You have such a lovely boy. Like his clothes.

    1. Thanks, its by His grace, hope you are good.

  2. awww... happy birthday to the lil one. May God bless and direct his path all the days of his life.


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