Do you think children should be taught sexuality? If yes, at what age should teaching start? If no, why?
If your four year old boy or girl comes to ask you, dady or mummy, what is sex? or how did mummy get pregnant? what will be your answer?

There have been cases where mothers have told their toddlers that penis is called 'weewe stick' or 'doodo'. If you do so, you only end up misleading rather than helping them. I believe immediately children start asking questions, they should be taught the basics of sexuality. By this, I mean the names of the sex organs and other parts of the body.

I remember one day I was dressing up my three-year old boy when he started pointing to various parts of his body asking what they are called. He pointed to almost all his body parts except his genitals. It was then I realised I had to tell him before someone else (the world) feed him with the wrong information. At another time, I was taking him to school when he told me he will urinate. We stoped and I helped him by opening his zip, after urinating I tried helping him push his penis back into his pant only for him to tell me "mummy you are touching my penis". I stood there in astonishment, in fact I couldn't believe  my 3 year old boy is aware it was his private part.
 Remember if you do not tell them, they may find out, but may be accompanied with the wrong perception from the wrong source.



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