Vaccination on Yellow Fever

There is this vaccination exercise currently underway in some parts of Ghana against the renowned killer disease; YELLOW FEVER.

This programme is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and carried out by the Ghana Health Service. I however have a problem with this programme. Want to know? Well since your ears dey itch, my mouth don dey itch too.  I just finished receiving my vaccine and the sad thing was that, there was no education or test carried out before administering the vaccine. Even though the media is carrying out public education, yet a lot of Ghanaians don't even know what is going on.

You will agree with me that some people have one health problem or the other that can be triggered at the administration of one drug or the other. So at least, they should have carried out some tests and educated the people at the venue of the programme. I heard on air that pregnant women are exempted. What if a woman who is not aware she is 2 months pregnant goes for the vaccine and has miscarriage. This is what I am trying to put across.

I have spoken my mind. Tell me what u think.



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