Am I hearing it right?

Here's our cup Lord
We lift it up Lord
Come and quench this thirsting in our soul
Bread of heaven
Fill it till we want no more
Fill our cup, fill it up and make us whole

My good people of blogville,

In fact, its really pathetic when a very wealthy father tells his son he will only assist him on a condition. Though this son may be independent, but it denotes  cruelty and wickedness if a condition is to be satisfied before help is rendered.

Yesterday I heard in the media including BBC One's Andrew Marr Show that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has cautioned the heads of state of some countries including Ghana to "adhere to proper human rights". He was quoted as saying "we want to see countries that receive our aid adhering to proper human rights". I listened with rapt attention to get exactly what he meant by "proper human rights". Lol, he wants Ghana to adhere to, in other words legalise the practice of gay and homosexuality. 

What is proper about a practice that spelt doom for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible?, what is proper about a practice that brings shame and disgrace to humanity? what is proper about living an unnatural sexual life? Please
Cameron should give us a break, enough of all these threats. Then they should equally call on us to legalise armed robbery and murder.

Just for some pittance that some so-called developed country will give us they are calling on us to sacrifice our dignity and intergrity for a bowl of rice or cup of milk. If this is the condition attached to our receiving aid from them, then they should withhold their aid. Our God, as a nation, is far more able to do abundantly than what they can think or imagine. I see this as an embrassment on the part of the UK government to even make this proclamation.

Africa, especially Ghana has its life to live. The US's 40th President and 33rd Governor of California and a former radio, film and TV actor, Ronald Reagan is quoted as saying "Let us not forget who we are, drug abuse is a repudiation of everything America is". He made this statement during a time when the US was struggling to fight the pandemic of drug abuse known in the early and late 1980s as 'The American Drug Panic'.  America then, had come to a point of total collapse as a result of the damage drugs had caused the country.

Should we as Africans and for that matter Ghanaians, sit and watch till this gay stuff degenerate and start stenching the whole continent before we do something?. This is a wake-up call on all and sundry. Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia, Sierra Leone etc. if you sit idle it may soon be your turn.

Let us not forget who we are, for a word to the fool is enough.



  1. ive been down this road before and seriously, its not a very nice one.
    ill just say people should stand for what they want no matter what

  2. May God help us all and give us the grace to do what is right at all times.

  3. Thanks dear, but I pray your countries will stand with us.

  4. There are 2 different issues here but somehow, we get all worked-up and lump them into one.
    1. Human rights
    2. Homosexuality

    Human rights must be upheld everywhere on earth. No one deserves discrimination.

    Do we really have the authority to criminalize how consenting, adults chose to express their love?

    I think we should be upset at David Cameron's statement for other reasons
    We should be upset with ourselves and our leaders for making it possible for Cameron to talk to us this way. Yep, we keep going to them begging for aid so he can talk to us anyhow.

  5. Think-About-It,u hit the nail right on the head. If a 54 year old man who is independent still goes to his father for money to give to his wife, food for his children and money for his rent, what do you think his father will tell him? one day his father will tell him to sleep with one of his cattle so he will give him food for the rest of his life.


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