“Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
People want to dry their wet clothing
Rain, rain, go away”

While some people pray it rains cats and dogs, others pray it rains ants and lice.  In recent times, parts of Ghana, especially, Accra, have been hit by perennial floods as a result of long hours of heavy downpour.

Homes, properties and even lives have been lost to these floods, not forgetting the economic implications on government and other relief agencies.  The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), the Catholic Relief Services and other NGOs have in their own small ways help to put back smiles on the face of victims.

My main concern for writing this piece is the ‘wait until we are in crisis’ mentality of some people.  The indiscriminate and improper disposal of waste into drains, lack of drains and building on water ways cannot be over emphasized when the issue of flooding is being discussed. One of the worst floods that ever hit Accra was from Monday 3rd to Tuesday 4th July 1995.  Asylum Down and Alajo fell first class victims because they did not have drains big enough to contain the level of water.

A visit to residents living close to drains reveal that all domestic wastes are dumped into them.  These wastes chock the drains and when it rains the water has to find ways and means of moving thereby flooding its banks.  Nature they say, cannot be cheated.  If for one reason or the other you don’t sleep at night, your eyes redden and you feel burning sensation sometime during the day.  In that same vein, if a road or house is put up on a water way, come what may, whenever the rains come, it will surely find its way through.  This is why even roads get flooded.

Not until government allocates part its budget to the building of more wider drains, people stop disposing off wastes into drains, people stop building on water ways, the rains will continue to flood homes and destroy properties.
This is my opinion  ooo, I have spoken my mind. Ooh! see, it’s drizzling, I have to get ready for work.  byeeeee. Hope you enjoyed reading.
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