Make-Up or Mask?

One of the things women love to do but which puts some men off is make-up.  There is the belief that a woman’s real beauty is what is seen early in the morning when she wakes up.  Once I bumped into an elderly woman at the
Makola market.  In fact, I tried hard to control myself because I couldn’t help laughing.  The make-up on her face could well be enough for about four people. It was a complete mask, which made her look more of a masquerader.

Women wear make-up for various reasons and for various occasions ranging from weddings, parties, dinners, funerals to office. However, the level of some make-ups makes it difficult to tell whether it is meant for the office or fashion show.  We have no knowledge of the chemicals used in manufacturing these cosmetics which sometimes may be harmful to the skin. Dermatologists have had to contend with skin diseases associated with some of these cosmetics. For whatever reason or occasion you may decide to wear make-up, just be modest. The removal of make-up is equally important as the wearing. Never go to bed wearing your make-up.


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