Give Clear and Concise Instructions

Mrs. Fletcher instructed her daughter Lolita never to climb trees because boys will see her pants.  On arrival from the market she saw her sitting on a tree in their backyard.  This is what ensued.

Mrs. Fletcher          -         Lolita haven’t I warned you never to climb trees because
boys will see your pants?

Lolita                    -         [showing remorse]  Sorry mum, I removed my pants before
climbing the tree.

Mrs. Fletcher looked into the sky and walked away.

The Goat and the Paper

A teacher once asked his pupils to draw a goat eating a piece of paper.  He went round to collect his assignment and this is what took place between himself and Alex.

Teacher                  -        Alex, where is your assignment?
Alex                       -        Sir, as I was drawing, the goat was eating the paper, by the
 time I had finished, the goat had finished eating the piece
of paper.

The teacher couldn’t help but laugh along with the class.


  1. OMG.............i cant stop laughing. Dorcia, love the comic relief.


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