Apples for Sale

Apple is a fruit I enjoy eating though not very often.  The secret behind my admiring apple is because it was first introduced to me by my husband-then my brother-in-the Lord.  In actual fact, he started toasting me with apples.

These apples I am writing about though sweet, they are not edible. Often when  one attends programmes like the Ghana Music Awards, Ghana Movie Awards, Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant, Miss Malaika Ghana, ACRAG Awards, just to mention but a few, one is greeted with these apples which are often offered (for only window shopping) by our pretty women folk from all classes of society – ranging from celebrities, students to the commoner.  Noted among them are popular celebrities and students from our tertiary institutions.

Gone are the days when a woman’s clothes were taken off before one saw her apples, these days however, the apples are seen even before the clothes are taken off.  If you think otherwise, take a close look at the shots below. Are these simply evening dresses or containers for displaying sweet apples?  What will compel a lady to put on such clothes or have her dress sewn with such low neck as to expose both apples on her chest?  Is it fashion or ignorance? Civilization or illiteracy?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Next time you stop to buy an apple or see those apples on display, remember this piece.
NOTE: Don’t eat any of those apples because you may be driven out of the Garden of Eden


  1. hmmm, the rate at which "apples" are being displayed all in the name of fashion is fascinating. only God can have mercy on us


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