Have you for once, wondered why God did not create you a tree to be used for lumber?, herrings to be eaten with kenkey?, an ant or millipede to be crushed under feet?, horse or donkey to chew grass and be sat upon?, or any creature?.  This is because God has a plan and purpose for creating you a human being with a body, soul and spirit.

You were not created to occupy space on this earth.  Scientists have defined matter to be anything that has weight and occupies space.  Beloved, you are not matter.  God created you with a purpose to be fulfilled.  It is up to you to identify your purpose and live to do or fulfill it.  The Bible tells us on the Judgement day God will tell those who claim to heal the sick and drive out demons He does not know them, except those who do His will. My question is, do you know God’s will for your life?, for redeeming you?. 

The most painful experience for a servant is to tirelessly perform the wrong task or assignment.  Imagine you ushered in the church all your life only to find out on the Judgement day that God planned that you sung in the choir instead or vice versa.  Imagine you established the single largest church and went from country to country spreading the Good News, healing the sick only to know on the Judgement day that you were saved to minister to prison inmates.  Imagine you were the world’s renowned evangelist only to find out later that you were redeemed to minister to teenagers in schools and reformatory homes.
If you have not identified what God wants you to do, prayerfully seek for guidance NOW, it is never too late, else one of these days He will tell you “I never knew you”.


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