Hurray!!!!!! Its my Birthday today!!

Out of the over 4 million spermatozoa that undertook the 100 meter race, only one which happen to be female won the race. It lived in transit for 9 months and finally embarked on its journey into this wonderful world created by a wonderful God. In the wee hours of Wednesday nineteen seventy something, Madam Janet Afful felt a contraction in her abdomen. It was so painful she had to be rushed to de Tamale Teaching Hospital. After labouring for a few hours, the sojourner, a fearfully, wonderfully, majestically woven creation of God, the winner of de 100 meter race burst forth with all de power and vigour that brought smiles to de faces of the Dougan family. Lol, that winner was I, DOCIA OBIRI ASARE.                                                                                       
I dedicate my birthday to all children of head porters and street beggars. Even though de future may look bleak, God knows best. To all my teenagers in Ghana and Nigeria, I urge you to keep de flame of moral chastity burning, the Lord is with you.           
For me to live is Christ.



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