Gay Couple Receives Obama Congratulations on Wedding

Matt Katz and Aaron Lafrenz of Brooklyn, N.Y., were surprised to receive a letter from President Barack Obama congratulating them on their marriage. (Courtesy Matt Katz)
A gay couple in Brooklyn, N.Y., were surprised to find a letter in their mailbox six months after their wedding congratulating them, but they were more surprised to find it was from the commander in chief.
Matt Katz, 32, and Aaron Lafrenz, 36, were married at the Katz family's Brooklyn home on July 23, 2011, the day before gay marriage became legal in New York state. The following day, the two went to Brooklyn borough hall and were among the first gay couples to legally be married in the state.

This December, Katz and Lafrenz received a letter in their mailbox with the White House seal indented in the paper and the signature of one Barack Obama on the bottom. Obama has been opposed to gay marriage in the past, though he has recently said his views on the topic are "evolving."
Katz told ABC News today that a family friend, Arlene Weinstock, had requested the letter on their behalf after hearing that the White House would take requests upon the passage of the New York gay marriage bill. Weinstock, of Long Beach, Calif., assumed that the request had not been fulfilled when the couple hadn't heard from the White House during the summer, but realized today that she was the cause of the mysterious presidential salutation.
"I was so super confused," Katz said, noting that he was not a major political activist and had no strong ties to gay rights groups. "But Aunt Arlene called me up and said, 'This is my fault!'"
The White House confirmed to ABC News that they sent the letter.

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