Aroma of Christmas

Hi my lovely family!

With a heart full of praise I send you this blog. The yuletide is here again. Christmas is a season that I will always cheerish, in fact, I have cheerished it since childhood and continue to do so. I remember when I was a kid, by this time of the season, my new dress, shoes, spectacles, ear-rings, bracelet, necklace and Christmas hat is ready. It was a time when I and my younger sister were shown and showered with all the love and goodies from our mom and dad.

All these items came in pairs cos we had to go to church on Christmas day and the first Sunday of the New year which required new clothes. Our movement from house to house in the neighbourhood together with other kids on Christmas day and Boxing day makes me feel like being a five-year old once again. Oh! how I wish I could turn back the clock. Anyway, after enjoying so much from my parents, the clock has now turned in my direction, its now my turn to buy for my lovely kids, Caleb and Teresa. Whenever I go to town I feel like buying everything I see for these kids just because I enjoyed so much of the yuletide from my parents.

Have you started smelling the aroma of Christmas already? Well, I will be in town one of these days and get you images of the aroma of Christmas that is blowing all over Accra. Stay tuned. love you all!!!!!



  1. Have a very merry Xmas. Yep, your kids deserve all the love and goodies you can get them this season.


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