What Will You Be Remembered For?

Hello my blog funs, I shared a thought on my facebook wall sometime ago, and want to throw more light on it to you. It goes like this “someone is 80 years old today and is not even remembered in his community, another person is dead 30 years ago and is celebrated as though he is still alive. What are you living for? Rise up, impact a life today because if you live for yourself alone, you will be remembered by yourself”.

The renowned playwright, William Shakespear once said “all the world is a stage”. I strongly believe in this philosophy because we are mere actors and actresses performing various roles assigned by our director and producer (God). If we perform very well, we are loved and cherished by our audience (neighbours) and our director (God) will always look out to give us the lead role.  On the contrary, if our performance does not satisfy the expectations of the director, he ignores us whenever he has a special role to be performed.

Ghanaians woke up on Tuesday 13th September to receive the shocking news of the demise of theatre anchor, Efo Kojo Mawugbe, the newly confirmed Executive Director of the National Theatre of Ghana.
Efo stood the test of time when the study of theatre in our tertiary institutions was mocked by parents and students. He wrote a lot of literary works as well as artistic directing and producing plays as well as stage crafting. He has written about nineteen plays including ‘The Re-enactment of the Declaration of Independence’ which is performed by the Ghana Actors Guild on 6th March every year. Some of his plays include; ‘In the Chest of a Woman’, ‘Calabash of Blood’ He was duly recognised and awarded by the Cable News Network (CNN) for his play titled ‘The Prison Graduate’.

Efo has left an indelible mark on the theatre industry for which he will be remembered. What about you?



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