Hi my blog funs, my camp meeting is all over and I am so glad I was a part of that programme. In actual fact, I wish it never ended, no wonder my Naija teens hi-jacked my luggage insisting they won't let me leave. I thank God so much and always appreciate the fact that my life revolves around these teenagers.
Some of our programmes included; Corporate devotion, where all hostel members worshiped and prayed together before the day's programme. Arise and shine was time for the morning aerobics and jogging where all Aunties and Uncles participated with the teenagers - I blogged some of these for you already. Our bible studies emphasized on the theme "Salt and Light" which saw Bible figures like Joseph, whose sale into slavery in Egypt though seemed barbaric, but was God's own way of preparing him to be used as a preservative in the life of his family - just as salt is used to preserve food from decay.

We also had our platoon meetings, this programme saw the teenagers who had been divided into platoons meeting to prepare for each evening's programme. I promised you some pictures for the Traditional Night, in fact, it was so colourful as the Nigerians dressed in their traditional attire as depicted in their movies, they sang and acted plays all in their local dialect. It was indeed an evening to remember. Then came Friday when all and sundry had to fast from 6 am till 6 pm. They really enjoyed this programme since it had come to stay on TOM's camp meeting programmes. There were lots of testimonies at the end of the day and also the teenagers were encouraged to undertake a Purity Pledge by filling a pledge card to be co-signed by an Aunty or an Uncle. This was to allow them to pledge to stay pure of immorality till they marry and other forms of deviant behaviours.  The Aunties and Uncles are the teachers who supervise them during the camp meeting.

On Saturday, we took them on evangelism in the St. John's community, it was something else, some trekked for long distance to share the word of God with others. Little children, teenagers, ladies, gentlemen were witnessed to, even the old men and women were not left out.

On Sunday, after the formal close of the camp, we took the Naija teens and their teachers on a tour through some parts of Accra. They visited the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the Riviera beach and the Accra Mall. On Monday, they did their shopping at the Accra Central where they pumped money into the Ghanaian economy, in fact I personally congratulated them for this kind gesture as almost all the 84 participants bought something for a family member or loved one. They then proceeded to the office of the Nigerian High Commissioner, where they were entertained and given a small lecture.

In effect none of them including the Ghanaian teens ever regretted coming for this camp meeting. Lol, guess my name at the camp, Aunty Ijeoma Nweke from Anambra State, wow I just felt like associating with them cos they came in their numbers, in fact they over-shadowed the whole programme. I hope come next year you will release any teenager in your care to be a part of this programme.

Because I always want to share with my blog funs, I have some shots here for your eyes only. Stay tuned.
Teenagers having their supper

Bernice, my niece clad in her kente and beads on the traditional night

Myself, Chuks and Fortune (right)

Samuel, a Nigerian teenager doing his own thing on the traditional night

Purity platoon members performing a drama
Members of Purity platoon singing on the traditional night

A dance troupe from Onitsha, Nigeria performing

I and Mrs. Ade-Zaky from Abuja, Nigeria

It was sleeping time in my hostel

Uncle Praise leading a Bible studies time

The venue for the camp meeting


  1. Hmmmm. Nice. My kids from Anambra sure made me proud.Thanks for taking care of them.And you must be our long lost aunty that we have been trying to locate to have you finally!

    How can TOM Nig link these posts to their fb page?

    Great work yu ar doing.

    God bless yu!

  2. Waow! I just feel like pulling yu out of my pc to see ur face. Never knew u've been looking for me. I miss all my 9ja teens, extend my greetings to them if u see them and I'll link it on TOM fcbk for ur sake. Enjoy ur day, hope u'll be in Gh this year.


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