New Business in Accra

Opportunity they say comes but once.

Young men carrying women for a fee. (carriers arrowed)
 Yesternight's torrential rainfall in parts of Accra has opened a new business avenue for some residents. What they do? lol, they carry people, preferably women and children who can't sail through the floods for a fee of GH¢1.00. What do you think will be their prayer? your guess is as good as mine.


  1. alright, this is really funny.
    they ll always pray for rain to fall

  2. You are really in the spirit. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Lol, what am I waiting for? I guess I have to go carry some people too for a fee, at least I will make a few hundreds of Ghana cedis. Want to come along?

  4. wow!!! these guys really made use of the situation,well i guess its just for the moment coz after carrying 10 women they gonna need pain for visiting my blog :)

  5. I have seen this happen before in the area i used to live in. Some people are really scared of water so i guess its good business for those that are not.
    Love your blog dear and thanks for following me. I'm now following you.

  6. Thanks a lot, infact I appreciate ur comments.

    @DIDI,I guess they will be carrying the skinny ones not the, tanks for following me.

    @Lily Johnson, tanks for following, pls do keep commenting. enjoy ur day


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