Marriage University College

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for admission into a 50 year degree programme. Sessions include Regular, Evening and Week-end sessions.  Students can also enroll in the Long Distance and On-line programmes.

BSc. Love & Respect
BSc. Reproduction
BSc. Finance
BSc. Arbitration

Admission Requirement
Only matured applicants qualify for admission

Age Limit
20 and above

General Terms
No tuition fee.  A student admitted will be paid monthly allowance by the International Monetary Fund.  Each student shall be required to sign a bond to serve the Marriage University College for 30 years upon completion.

Mode of Application
Application forms may be purchased from the Marriage University College at a non-refundable amount of $100.00 in bankers draft payable to:


My Blog funs,

Does this sound funny? Surely it does, cos even though marriage is an institution where we learn and are taught the foundation of building a solid and happy union, most couples have decided to enroll in either the regular session where both couples live together and have time for each other.  Also there is the evening session where couples only see each other in the evenings after close of work cos either of the couples leave at dawn for work whilst the other is still in bed.  The week-end session marriage only enable couples to see each other during the week-ends.  This happens when either of the couples live and work in another town or village.  Again there is the long-distance session where couples see each other once in a blue moon; may be once in 2 or 3 months.

Sounds serious right?  Yes but that is the reality of the marriage institution.  Last but not the least is the on-line session where the couple live thousands of miles away from each other e.g. in different continents and only communicate via the internet or telephone.  These couples are the worst of all as they may never see each other till the end of age.

In my own case, I am enrolled in the week-end session as my husband lives and works in another town and only meets his family during the week-ends.

Which session are you enrolled in?



  1. I am on the full time session, so where do I go to collect the IMF money? LOL...

    Have a great week.

  2. Who gave you admission, oh you admitted urself, fine. anyway please go to the IMF office in ur vicinity for ur cash.

    Enjoy ur day

  3. lol.
    im not enrolled yet. guess im not qualified yet

  4. Says who? pls check the qualifying age. we need more students.


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