Oh! my lovely readers, I have missed you so much, in fact, words cannot explain how much I have missed you. It looks like ages since I posted a few stuffs. Thank God am back, but I am going to tell you all that I was out there doing. I had some kind of rough and smooth week, but thank God the glory of God was manifest. Folks until you experience something, you don't really appreciate what those in it go through. I had a nasty (call it wierd) experience with some of our public health institutions last week and pray it NEVER happens again. Want to hear?

Well a family member was seriously ill and had to be transfered from a community clinic to the Ridge Hospital in Accra.  On getting there and after carrying the patient to the appropriate unit, were told to go get a folder before the patient will be taken care of, sounds strange isn't it? The patient had to sit in pain till the folder was brought, even with that the doctor told us a lot of people had been there since morning and so ours made no difference (a referral case). At this juncture, I couldn't take it any longer and had to call a doctor friend at the SSNIT Hospital in Osu, this was around 6 pm. Unfortunately my doctor friend had closed from work, but directed us to see another doctor. Folks can you believe that the doctor at SSNIT hospital (Dr. Asare, tall-slim young lady) quickly called for the patient to be brought in to her office to be attended to as we get her folder prepared. Even though we spent so much here, it was worth it. May God enlarge the coast of this female doctor and staff of the hospital, in fact the patient couldn't even believe the love and care this doctor gave her. After doing her possible best, the patient was transfered to see a specialist at the 37 Military hospital.

Even though we didn't have much problem over here, the apathy of some of the nurses towards the patient after we had left, left much to be desired. After going through this experience I always pray that the distance between my family and poverty should be like the distance between light and darkness. In effect I pray that no sickness that require a specialist attention should attack any member of my family and generations to come because the public health institutions are killing patients before their time


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