Miracle Ladies Conference

The women's wing of the Word Miracle Church International (Miracle Ladies) held their biennial Women's Conference from 9th to 14th August 2011 at the Perez Dome at Dzorwulu. It was such a great ocassion as we had women pouring in from all corners of the country. Though I missed most of the days as I was out there caring for my hospitalized family member, I made for the lost days on Friday, Saturday and climaxed it on Sunday. some of the speakers were Rev. Betty King and Rev. Mrs. Ruthlyn Bradshaw from the United Kingdom, the host speaker was Rev. Mrs. Vivian Agyin Asare (the mama of the house).

We were so much blessed when the Papa of the house, the torch-bearer, the dream-carrier, in fact the founder and General Overseer of the Word Miracle Church International, Right Rev. Dr. Charles Agyin Asare mounted the pulpit on Friday morning to bless the women. I would have wept if I had missed his sermon. In fact his sermon was more practical than even cooking. I will blog a full presentation of it for you my dear readers. I have a few shots I took for your eyes. Enjoy them.

A cross section of the women

Looking too serious?

In a joyous mood

Women from Zoe Assembly (former Circle Branch)

My sister (right) with a friend

Mrs. Obiri Asare and Mrs. Appleton

Mrs. Appleton, wife of the Dir of HR- COCOBOB


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