Isn't it great to be single?

I dey beg, make una no strangle me for the title of my publication for today. I chose this title because it's been ages since I felt this way. Mehn! you can't believe it, waking up at 4 am to prepare breakfast and snacks and preparing my kids for school and going to bed around 11pm cos they will not sleep due to observing siesta in school. When my eyes bid good night to my 5 senses, these kids will jump on the bed to sleep by my side simply because they want to feel the warmth of a mother, OMG!

Their school went on recess last week and am now enjoying my singleness once again cos I've 'posted' them to their grannies. Now I sleep around 9 or 10pm, wake up around 6am, get to the office around 7am. No more; hey stop it! don't do that, don't go there, I'll flog you, won't you sleep? OMG! so great to be single once again. Just a little disturbance from their father. lol!

I can just imagine what their grannies are going through, cos my father-in-law does not talk, he is as quiet as his son (my husband), but my kids are both extroverts, in fact the extreme ones. Anyway grandma will control them, cos she is the 'Margaret Thatcher' type. I pray God  strenghten their bones.



  1. lol. Kids are awesome. I know what you mean. My nieces are just the same. Funny thing is, i wana ship them away the minute they land but i miss them when they leave :)

    1. Toinlicious you can say that again, am already missing, hence call to talk to them almost everyday. Thanks for commenting, enjoy ur day

  2. *clearing my throat* on "Just a little disturbance from their father" yeah its good to be free from the stress from the kids.

    1. Priscy u should have added stress from their father too, u know that one is even more serious, thou "LITTLE"


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