Bishop Agyin Asare joins the golden jubilee club

The gargantuan jubilee cake
It was all gold at the Perez Dome of the Word Miracle Church International, Dzorwulu yesterday, 1st April 2012 as the miracle family marked the climax of the month-long golden jubilee celebration of the founder, his Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Agyin Asare, the Presiding Bishop of the church.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I entered and found the whole auditorium filled to capacity, however, I managed to perch my buttocks somewhere upstairs. Mehn! it was indeed a sight to behold. Every member of the congregation looked like Christmas. A whole lot of activities preceded the word ministration; sale of jubilee catalogue, presentations by departments, song ministration by O.J a renowned gospel artist etc. Since my second purpose of going to church was to cover the celebration for my web site, I hurried downstairs to take enough pictures. Lo and behold, not later had I gone down than announcement came that the President of the Republic of Ghana was on his way to celebrate with us. He was received with a rousing welcome by the birthday boy and his entourage amidst shouts by the congregation.

The Bishop recounted how his life as a teenager brought so much pain and embarassment to his family, how his addiction to drugs nearly cost him his secondary education and how God's grace picked him from the gutter (nowhere) and made him what he is today.

President Atta Mill's usual greetings of "my brothers and sisters" was received with so much uproar as he addressed the congregation. He said it was impeccable that he comes to celebrate with a man of God who held him dear to his heart. He recounted how when the Bishop visited him in his office as early as 5am to pray with him, even rolling on the floor in his suit to ensure that he rules with the wisdom of God. He appreciated the fact that my Bishop is a man of God who prays endlessly bringing hope to many lives in the country.  On a lighter note, he said his voice wasn't sounding political so he urged all to join him sing a happy birthday song for the Bishop.

Since the President was scheduled to travel outside the country, the Bishop delivered the word of God to enable him leave afterwards. In his sermon on Jubilee, the Bishop assured members that jubilee was a year when God restored unto his people all they had lost. He said many signs came with the jubilee year, citing instances like the birth of Abraham which was in a year of jubilee i.e. 4000 years after Adam's creation, that the Israelites left Egypt in a jubilee year, also the Isrealites were not made to farm in a year of jubilee, but had enough to eat. Jesus rose from the dead in a year of jubilee, i.e. 8000 years after Adam's creation. He emphasized that during a jubilee year, the rich and poor are made equal in the sight of God because, He makes the rich wipe off the debts of the poor, nevertheles, those who owe you willingly come to settle their indebtedness. He noted that a lot has been said about the year of jubilee  in the Bible but due to time constraints cannot go through all. The birthday boy wished the celebration did not come to an end, guess what, he was taken aback by what he saw.  But hey! if we don't celebrate your birth, how can we celebrate your death?  This is my own small way of celebrating you, dedicating this whole publication to you so that all my readers all over the world can read about your golden jubilee celebration.

My blogvile, I took a few pictures of the day for your eyes only. Enjoy them.

H A P P Y    H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   T O   Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for the arrival of the President

Members of the Executive Council & their spouses

The President being prayed for
Congregation join in prayer for the President
(Rev. Rory Lenon from Australia and Rev. Owusu Ansah in front)

Rev. Adzo Dickens (2nd right)

L-R (Bishop Asare, Rev. Adamson from Nigeria, President Mills
and Bishop Tackie Yarboi)

Docia, the blogger

A little smile up there

Lady in ashok3

The gulliver and gargantuan birthday cakes


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