Is this modern architecture?

Hmmm wonders they say shall never end. The first time I saw this building I asked myself series of questions like; was the car flying and found its way into the building?, did someone intentionally push the car through the building that it came out from the other side?, is it just to add colour to the building? well whatever the answer is, I know the architect is in a better position to answer.

This building is located close to the Nima-Kanda highway in Accra and commuters and pedestrians are easily attracted to this edifice by its bright orange colour and unusual design.



  1. Hi Toinlicious, its been such a long time, how is the family and 9ja. Thanks for your comment.

  2. 9ja & every are hanging in there, thank God...& yea, been a while. Tot u sneaked off blogville. How's u?

  3. I dey, but I thought u were rather travelled.

  4. Avant-Garde design i guess would be a fitting name too!

    1. Thanks for commenting, may be that will do.


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