CALL ME PEREZ CHAPEL INTERNATIONAL, not Word Miracle Church International

Almost twenty-six years after birth, my parents and other family heads have thought it wise to change my name, even though my original name was slightly changed a few years after birth, I am beginning to love this new name because it is opening doors that has been closed at me for ages, pulling down strong holds that have stood in my way all these 26 years and also taking me to another level. Want to know why my parents changed my name?..

Well, I need to get you some Biblical basis for you to really get my point. To begin with, let me tell you briefly about the background of my name 'Perez'. The story is told of a lady in the Bible who disguised herself and was impregnated by her father in-law, when the time came for her to give birth, the mid-wives stood alert to give her all the necessary assistance because she was carrying twins. Before they could say jack, Kofi's hand was out, the mid-wives were so disturbed because it was unusual for a baby to  come out with its hands first. Anyway, they sighed and tied a piece of scarlet on Kofi's hand as a mark, but lol! before they could say jack again, Kofi's hand was back in its mother's womb. Waow! the mid-wives might have exclaimed.

Not later had Kofi withdrawn his hand, than Kwaku gushed out from the womb like water gushing out of a burst pipeline at the Weija Water Works. Marvelous at how Kwaku broke-through, he was named Perez, meaning Breakthrough. So with this background let me give you some Bible characters whose names God changed or circumstances made them change their names.

Abram to Abraham
Sarai to Sarah
Jacob to Israel
Simon to Peter
Naomi to Marah
Joseph to Zaphenath-Panea
Daniel to Beltheshazza
Esther to Hadassah
Saul to Paul

* Not forgetting, Docia Dorothy Dougan to Docia Obiri Asare

So henceforth, I am no longer 'Word Miracle Church International', I am 'Perez Chapel International'. As usual, paparazzi was at my Outdooring ceremony to get you some shots.

Unveiling the new brand

On my way to witness the ocassion

The moment of joy

Bishop Agyin Asare, flanked by Mama Vivi and his 3 Bishops 

Congregation pray for the new brand

Rev. Cornelius Akabutu (in tie) and Rev. Noah Twum (in spectacles)

Moi, the paparazzi

The new brand and slogan

A section of the congregation

My galant teenagers in their new branded Lacoste

Moi in the middle, flanked by my able teens


  1. My Beloved sister in the Lord,

    I love your creativity, vision and your drive with this creative article. Indeed names play mighty roles in the life both living and non living things. Naming is an act of prophesying into some one's life or bringing the purpose of one's existence to live.

    However, some biblical characters given in your article as those GOD CHANGED THEIR NAMES MUST CONSIDERED AGAIN. The first four are of course perfect examples, but rest must be studied well.

    Daniel was renamed by Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel himself never referred to himself with the name because the name glorifies Babylonian god.

    Naomi renamed herself with that name signifying her grieve over the lost of her family. She was never referred elsewhere with that name not by herself or her neighbors.

    Hadassah was changed to Esther by Mordeicai not Esther to Hadassah.

    Saul was known as PAUL already because of his height. PAUL means LITTLE.

    Joseph - that name that I have never pronounced with ease. Was given by pharaoh.

    My dear, you can observe the impact of their names by reading from other source whether the new name was referred elsewhere or any emphasis was laid on that name.

    You are genius my girl. May God bless you and make a pillar in his kingdom.


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