One day more to election 2012, all eyes on Ghana

With just 1 more day for Ghana to go to the polls all global eyes are firmly fixed on Ghana. Ghana has been described as the beacon of Africa's democracy, a country that has witnessed 5 peaceful polls after a referendum to return the country to democratic rule in 1992. The West African sub-region has witnessed a few political instability for some years now, nevertheless, Ghana has stood tall among them but, the time has come once again for Ghana to prove her ingenuity towards a peaceful political transition.

PEACE!     PEACE!!     PEACE!!!   PEACE!!!!


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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment n follow. I'll do likewise, thanks

  2. Eh election is over,we are one people,one Ghana.this makes unique from all the west African countries.infact Ghanaians you always makes this our dear nation proud keep it up bravo to you all .


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