But for God's intervention

I owe it all to Jesus, I owe it all to Jesus
If I am ever anything, all the praise to Him I bring
I owe it all to Jesus, I owe it all to Jesus
This song of love from deep within, I owe it all to Him

My lil girl who celebrated her 3rd birthday last month was nearly knocked down by a speeding saloon car yesterday just some few meters away from my parents home. Because I work and school at the same time, they spend most of the afternoon with their grannies. Yesterday after taking her lunch, her 10 year old cousin decided that they take a stroll around the house. Not long had they gone out than the car came speeding by, the driver had to immediately apply the brakes to avoid hitting my angel. 

As if that wasn't enough, today in the office I decided to boil some water in a kettle for my medication because my driver came earlier than the normal time, I had to rush to the office without preparing it at home. After boiling the water for about 8 minutes, I tried adjusting my swivel chair so I could sit to do my thing when all of a sudden one of the foot of the chair pulled the cord of the kettle and the whole content came splashing on the floor. But for God's divine intervention I would have been in the hospital by now with bandage all over my legs.

Indeed, I owe it all to Jesus.



  1. God forbid evil.Thank God he's always on time and always God.

  2. I join you in giving thanks to our maker Docia, its by grace!!! praise be unto his holy name.

  3. Indeed He is God and always our tower of refuge. Thanks 9ja

  4. Hi Priscy, how be? its been a while. Surely praise be to God, He has once again proven His faithfulness to my family.

  5. The devil is a liar, he can't have you for Christmas. Thank God you are alive.

  6. It was the angel of the Lord who stood between your daughter and the car. Praise to God, hope she is dong well.

  7. Thank you, and also our blood is too sour for it. Thanks for commenting

  8. Thank God for ever remaining faithful.. Accidents and untimely deaths,isn't your portion IJN..

    1. In Jesus name.Thanks Becqui for commenting,hope you don't mind following too.


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