Ghanaians observe 7th day after President's death

Ghanaians all over the country today are marking the 7th day after the death of President John Atta Mills. As custom and tradition demands, on the 7th day after a person's death, the bereaved family, close friends and loved ones meet to deliberate on the departure and final funeral rites are announced. It is therefore not surprising that Ghanaians are celebrating the day in their own way since he was the father of the whole nation.
I happen to be at the Efua Sutherland Children's Park where members of the Greater Accra Regional National Democratic Congress converged to observe the day. But hey! the organizers were proved wrong as thousands of Ghanaians ignored their political party affiliation and thronged to the place. There was no sign of party politics as all were clad in mourning colours - red and black, Mehn! I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw - in fact Ghanaians have to be rewarded for this hilarious show of maturity. Some sympathizers took advantage of the day to make money. Items ranging from food, party paraphenelia, calendars and red bands were on sale. Despite the heavy crowd I was able to get a few shots for you.
Ghana Revenue Authority, where he was once a Commissioner



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