The 2 head porters - 'Kayayei'

Yesterday I was at one of the big markets in Accra to purchase some foodstuffs to stock my fridge. Immediately I got down from the car, I spoted this female head porter who approached me to carry my basket, I told her I wasn't interested cos I always prefered their services after I was through with my purchases. Lol! this porter insisted she will follow me, this she did despite my orders, in fact it got to a point I got very irritated cos she retorted "Even if you don't require my services I'll still follow you". Mehn! she sounded as though whether I liked it or yes, she will follow me.

Finally, I decided not worry about her any  longer. Then came this other head porter when I was buying some okra, she began to smile at me and told me that if one wants to make money, its all about patience. Just then the traders started calling her by her nick name 'kayayoo papa' then she will respond 'onnpe ntokwa, onne atem', meaning good head porter and her response meant she never fights, she never insults. This second porter was able to convince me by her wonderful customer service tatics. I willingly gave her my things to carry while I continued with my purchases.  In fact if she should stand for an election in the District Assembly elections she may win because almost everyone knows her in the market. Men, women, children, you name it. I virtually loved her company.

When next you visit the Agbogbloshie market, ask of 'kayayoo papa' and you will gladly meet her.



  1. What happened to the first head porter? I'm sure she wasn't happy that you picked "kayayoo papa".

  2. yup the first kaya.. what happened?

  3. Yea Dentaa and Roger I don't know whether she vanished into thin air, but the lesson here is that it is by persuasion we woo customers and clientele and not aggression. Due to 'kayayoo papa's customer relations I was told by one of the market women that her colleagues tried eliminating her some months ago but for God's intervention.

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