Umbrella for long lease

Heehehehehe!!! wonders they say shall never end. Imagine I give you my umbrella for use and come for it when the clouds have gathered, or better still I come for my umbrella when you are already walking in the rain. 
Well on Friday, 30th March, I published an article on this blog about one of Ghana's former presidents and his wife's formation of a new political party and promised to inform you of any development, right? yeah! the gist has arrived, the wife of the former president, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is set to commence a legal showdown on the ruling National Democratic Congress over the ownership of the party's logo - an eagle head on an umbrella.

According to sources, she designed it and therefore holds the Intellectual Property to the logo but gave it to the party for use. Her claim is that the party's leadership and some unscrupulus members are not adhering to the tenets and cause for which the emblem or logo stands. So I ask, why did she wait for the clouds to gather before asking for the return of her umbrella - election is only a week less than 7 months away?

Hey! be careful when next you go for someone's umbrella. lol!


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