The Most Worse Disease

When the gynaechologist, Dr. Ephraim, informed Aunty Lucy that she was 8 weeks pregnant, she soliloquised, "God has remembered me after all". Any prophet, herbalist, native doctor or fortune teller who didn't know Aunty Lucy in the town had either just started practicing or did not have an address. This is because this young affable woman had been to every corner of the town in search of solution to her never ending predicament. She has been married for close to 16 years without a child. With pressures mounting from her in-laws and her own parents, Aunty Lucy hopped from Prophets to native doctors, herbalists to fortune tellers.

After so many years of fruitless search, she resigned herself to fate. One cold afternoon after a heavy down-pour, Aunty Lucy decided to take a walk in her neighbourhood when she was run over by a car. She was quickly rushed to the hospital by a passer by who saw her bleeding profusely. Thank God she survived the accident by the timely intervention of the doctor on duty.  She lost so much blood that had to be replaced within a matter of time. So the next day the doctor decided to carry out series of tests to ensure that she was in a good state for the blood transfusion. It was during this time that the doctor realised Aunty Lucy was pregnant.

Carrying Samuel in her womb for 9 months was so traumatic that his birth brought so much relief to her and the family. Samuel grew up so quickly that at age 15 he looked more of a 25 year old. When he got a job with a mining company, his mother, Aunty Lucy decided to buy him a car because Samuel came into this world with so much blessings.  Samuel worked for 3 years as an accountant till the unfortunate happened on his way to the office one day.

Dear readers, the most worse disease ever to befall mankind is the disease of the brain. You may disagree with me, but a disease that makes you lost touch with reality, makes you feed from rubbish dump, makes you go naked even in the presence of family and friends, makes you go without food, shelter and bath should never be entertained.  Last Saturday on my way from school, I came across this mad man who was being prayed for by a man of God. In fact the sight was so pathetic; his hair and beard were overgrown, and whatever he was told to do, he did without hesitation. There I asked myself why God didn't reveal to his mother what will become of him even when he was in her womb? Couldn't God just eliminate him from this world instead of going through this disgraceful disease?

After series of prayers, the shaved mad man walked away to God knows where.

This world is indeed not our home.



  1. I believe there is a reason for everything. We impact other lives without knowing it.
    Ever considered this; some people eat food from dumpsters for years yet others eat the wrong thing once and it kills them?
    That tells me there our lives belong to God.

    1. I certainly agree with you. That even makes Him God, they even go without bathing, brushing their teeth and seeking medical care, yet they live for years.

  2. Docia,
    I think you re under an impression that poor mental health is a 'brain disease'. It isnt. its related to nerves, emotion and hoe different peoplr process things. In our developing part of the world, our inadequate health institutions means that a lot of people are sentenced to such dehumanizing lives.
    One of the worst types of mental illness is Schizophrenia: the type where the affected person says a lot of gibberish, stops caring about appearances and is removed from reality. Yet people suffer same schizophrenia in developed countries and with good medical care are able to finish university and even work.

    So rather than wish they werent born, lets learn to be our brother's keepers and bridge the gap. Read up on mental illness, take them to psychiatrists, empathise with the sick person and their families and tell them there is hope.


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