Bold to defend forever

Hello my blog family,

Its been such a long time. In fact I must appologize for my long absence. I was caught up in my studies and even preparing for my exams. I will be back with a bang in a few weeks time. But before then, I have something quite intriguing to share with you. Hope you'll enjoy reading but, also try and let me know your thoughts.

I have followed with great concern the recent calls by some world leaders on some African countries to respect gay rights. First it was David Cameron, followed by Barack Obama, then Ban Kin Moon. What interest do these leaders have in the issue of gay practice? Are they gays themselves? I saw it as an insult for the world's most influential leader - the UN Secretary General, Ban Kin Moon to be called upon to address the meeting of heads of governments of Africa at the AU Summit to call on the leaders to respect gay rights. Couldn't he have used the opportunity to console the continent of the precious lives that were lost as a result of the political upheavals that ungulfed the continent last year and a few others this year? Couldn't he have used the opportunity to inform the leaders of the plans and policies the UN are putting in place to aid the economic, political and education growth of the continent? Couldn't he have used the opportunity to inform the leaders of policies on reparating Africa, if there was any at all, after willfully causing human resource loss to the continent?

What more do the super powers want from Africans? Was it not President Barack Obama who on his visit to Ghana in 2009 proclaimed that 'Africa doesn't need strong men, but strong institutions'? So if we've strengthened our legal institutions to defend our cause of freedom and maintain that gay practice is illegal, why this sudden oppression? If truly 'the black man is capable of managing his own affairs', why this hullabaloo on respect of gay rights. I was however, disappointed when my president, His excellency John Evans Atta Mills couldn't respond to this call by Ban Kin Moon on the same platform on which he, Ban Kin Moon made this request, but waited till he got to the Kotoka Airport before responding.

African leaders should not dare dream of giving in to this request, because if they do, the same powers may came again insisting on the re-introduction of the slave trade.



  1. Our President was wise to have responded when he landed on home soil,its crazy to see men in such positions pass bills like this but then its not really their fault coz i think the pressure is being put on them by the big boys who run the show from back stage..Presidents and men who hold high positions the world over are just puppets,they have Bigger men who call the shots,they just read..

  2. Hi DIDI, its been a while, where were u hiding? I totally agree with u, but this time around they have to be bold and firm, they can't just succumb to the dictates of those big boys. We must prove our total liberation to them. lol


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