During my secondary school days, I participated in an international inter-school essay competition.  Even though I did not get the ultimate prize, my literature teacher who supervised our school’s entries in handing over my acknowledgement letter to me said “Docia, you wrote very well, keep it up and don’t stop writing”. Mr. Danyo, my literature teacher now works with the Secondary Division of the Ministry of Education.

This comment triggered a hidden passion in me and I give credit to him. As I remember my teacher for positively impacting my life, someone is also remembering his or her teacher for negatively affecting her life.  Some teachers have been reported in the media recently of sodomizing their students.  First it was a female polytechnic teacher of the Takoradi Polytechnic having lesbian relationship with her students, then it was a male teacher of Adisadel College having unnatural canal knowledge of his students. 

Gone are the days when parents wholly put their trust in teachers because they partner in the upbringing of their children.  These recent reports don’t only leave an indelible tinted mark on the various institutions concerned, but parents now harbour fear as to what their children go through.  The rippling effect on the victims is a perpetual fear and mistrust for all teachers and figures of authority. In my article on ‘Occultism in Schools’, I mentioned the seriousness of fighting a vice in educational institutions when figures of authority like teachers are involved.  This is because children tend to believe what their teachers tell them than their parents. I want to take this opportunity to urge the Ministry of Education and all stakeholders in the educational sector to, as a matter of urgency, wage a war on these unnatural canal knowledge in all first and second cycle institutions including the tertiary level nation-wide because this is only a wake-up call to the attention of the rot being propagated in our schools.

The story below was culled from the Daily Graphic.

Richard Arthur-Payne.

Parents and guardians of students of the Adisadel College (ADISCO) have vented their frustration and anger on the school authorities for failing to protect their children and wards from becoming victims of the alleged homosexual practices of a teacher of the school.

The parents expressed their anger and frustration during a meeting of the parent-teacher association (PTA) of the school in Cape Coast last Saturday.

Not even the exhortation and pieces of advice given by the Headmaster, Mr H.K.K. Graham, could assuage the pain and cool down tempers among the parents and guardians.
  Are our children protected?

God, into your hands we commit our children


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