Have you ever judged or been carried away by someone's outward look?  Most ladies fall victim to this situation because they are always on the look for that tall, stout and gentle looking guy to date.  Most ladies interviewed as to what kind of guy they would want to go on a date with will expect their dream guy to be; tall, stout, handsome, well-mannered, cultured and loving. Most of these qualities are the outward appearance of the person. Guys on the other hand also look out for a beautiful lady who is slender, average weight, coca-cola shaped, long hair and charming.

Many a time, people get into relationships taking into recognition what a person outwardly possess, but along the line, when it ends up in a permanent union, the true person is revealed because temperament, like pregnancy can never be hidden.

One such person who has fallen victim to this saying is our own former President Jerry John Rawlings. Prior to the 2004 general election when Prof. Mills contested for the presidency, Ghanaians were of the view that Prof. will be remote-controlled by Mr. Rawlings taking into account Prof's temperament and that of Mr. Rawlings.  Even though Mr. Rawlings saw Prof. as that quiet type who could easily be manipulated or ordered around, Prof. cannot be pushed to act on orders.

From my little observation, Prof. Mills is a phlegmatic. The Phlegmatic is the only temperament that easily resists the efforts of a Choleric to control them. They are composed and thoughtful such that irritations, insults, suffering or failures do not disturb this individual. Phlegmatics are sober, they practically and carefully without bias, weigh and measure issues tactfully. This individual has a great deal of common sense and mental balance.  Prof. appears to be relaxed and is easy-going. He doesn't demand much and is not "bothered" by intense passions.
Mr. Rawlings on the other hand is choleric. I have decided to compare this two because they are an opposing temperament. Cholerics have a lot of ambition, energy and passion and try to instill it in others. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially phlegmatic types. Many great charismatic military and political figures were choleric. At this juncture, I believe you are convinced as to why there seem to be pressure mounting between these two personalities. Cholerics also like to be leaders and in charge of everything.
A person who is choleric can become a very strong leader, inspiring large numbers of followers.  They are charismatic, charming, inspirational.  But beneath the surface, these people see others more as tools, people who can be moved to do what they want them to do.   Cholerics will choose to join and head organizations that will support their chosen goals.  
Many Cholerics will border on being arrogant, but most appear to be genuine. They are fast-paced and demand that things be done correctly and swiftly. "Do It and Do It Now" is their slogan.  Procrastination is not a characteristic of a Choleric in inclusion.  This is the reason why Mr. Rawlings is asking for fast-track judgement to be passed on those ex-officials of the Kufuor administration.

I think it is high time Mr. Rawlings understands who truly Prof. Mills is, this will put to rest all the hullabaloo and insinuations currently going on in our political circles.
Never be deceived, you can't tell a person's temperament from the look on his/her face.


  1. Wow, quite an in-depth observation. An interesting piece to read. Well done!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment and watch out for a full piece on the temperaments in all human endeavour.

  3. Its true, that is why we always fall short, we need to matured enough, b4 we can grow.


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