The Alleged Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted YFM Presenter, 'Adaeze Ayoko' - Display of wisdom or folly?

I read with disgust an alleged kidnap and sexually assaulted Takoradi-based radio presenter 'Adaeze Ayoko' a few days ago via a Nigerian blog. I immediately condemned the act and prayed that the perpetrators be brought to face the full rigors of the law as soon as practicable. My greatest fear was that, from the media reportage, there could be a possible pay back in Nigeria looking at how barbaric the whole act and social media hype it received. The whole nation was thrown into a state of shock, with the Gender Ministry and other women's groups rising up to condemn the act.

'Adaeze' having her locks shaved by one of her 'co-actors'
She was subsequently flown to the Police Headquarters and Police Hospital respectively for further clinical test and investigation. It has however come to light after investigations, that she is a full blooded Ghanaian by name,  Maame Akosua Apea Antwi from Akim Awisa in the Eastern Region and that the whole plot of the kidnap and sexual assault was staged in collaboration with some unsuspecting guys in order to get attention from her jilted boyfriend. To wit, she carefully planned the act and got help from others to 'perform' it.

I keep asking myself countless questions as to what will make a lady of her calibre (media personnel) think, decide and act out such a heinous crime on herself? to the extent of posting the video and nude pictures on social media - a platform which can store information till God knows when. Was she being overly wise or was she just displaying an abnormality? Couldn't she try any other strategy to get the attention of her boyfriend?

Anyways, my heart goes out to her because whatever her reason for doing this was, the repercussions and consequences of her actions and inaction far outweigh whatever good intentions she had.



  1. Honestly, I (and I'm sure plus many Ghanaians) don't know what to believe anymore.

  2. Blessings
    I pray for her say it is not a premonition of what is to come.


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