TOM GHANA CAMP 2014 - Supporting The '20 Souls' Project

‘‘And whosoever shall give to …one of these little ones
…shall in no wise lose his reward.” (Matt. 10:42)

Giving to support children's work in the Lord's vine yard is something rare these days. Many individuals and corporate bodies are quick to invest in entertainment and other programmes deemed fit to enable them recoup moneys invested. One major area that is so fertile for investment is the teens ministry. Even in the house of God, this ministry receives little or no attention as many parent churches are quick to sponsor programmes of Women, Men, Children and other popular ministries. The teen age is a period of life's development; psychological, emotional, educational, spiritual and physical. A period when character is established whether virtue or vice. The complexities of the teen age cannot be overemphasized.  

Over the years, Teenagers Outreach Ministries Inc. Ghana Chapter has had it tough raising funds to subsidize one of its major outreach programme of ministering to teenagers during its annual vacation camp meeting. This year, I launched a campaign dubbed '20 Souls', in my bid to raise funds to support some teenagers in my neighbourhood and elsewhere in Accra to attend this life transforming event. My major strategy was to raise the funds online through my social media contacts. Quickly I created the event page on Facebook and shared it on the pages of a couple of friends. Immediately, some started responding with a few others hoping to assist next year. I was so marveled at the response rate because the timeline was short, however, names like Hon. Kojo Yankah, founder of the African University College of Communications and former Minister of Information, Naana Dansoa (Gifty Anti) of GDA Concepts Ltd. producers of The StandPoint, Eben Dougan, Cynthia Commodore, Carmie Jean Sahnoon, Eugenia Manful of Ghana Revenue Authority Mercy Doughan, Alfred Alwaysblessd Doxa Akrong, Davidson Akrong, Vida Dekpeh, Jeffrey Dee, Jane Yawson, Christene Kotey (ADB, Cedi House), Mercy (UBA Bank, Heritage Tower) cannot go unmentioned because they really enabled my campaign come to pass. 

Any life that was touched through your donation is a Kingdom investment you have made and your account in Heaven has been credited awaiting a withdrawal from you or your generations yet unborn. Being the blogger that I am, I can't let go this generous act of yours without telling the whole world via my online journal, DOCIA'S NEST. And like Oliver Twist, I hope I am always welcome for more.

Thank you, y3 da mo ase, wo nda ny3 shi, moóngoode ku, Naawuni ndiem yi suhuru, mi da akpe nawo, ane da'ani ase, y3 da moáse, y3 da hom ase, merci boucoup.



Teens going through registration

Time for praise n worship

Aerobics time

Smiling for breakfast

Ready for my presentation on Social Media

Colourful traditional night

'Nana Camboo' on stage

Our kids were not left out

Time for evangelism

The man looks busy but the teens won't stop
Mr. Prince Norbert Dakey, a resource person presenting an e-reader (Kindle) to one of the teens who won a quiz contest

My little girl, the winner, moi and Mr. Dakey

Kekeli, Teresa n Yayra

Some of the galant teachers after the programme


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