How well do you know your fundamental human rights?

Hi lovely people of blog vile, its been such a long time since you heard from me. In fact, a lot has been going on in my lovely country; from the "Tweaaa" pandemic, babies disappearance at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital to the Accra Mall panties crawling saga.

Barely a week ago, I watched with disbelief, two Senior High School leavers and a Student of the University of Ghana who who were alleged to have stolen 'G' string panties from a Mr Price shop at the Accra Mall. The alleged pilferers were made to crawl from the said shop to the entrance of the Mall while excited shoppers cheered and filmed the incident. The video soon went viral on social media attracting criticisms and condemnation by human rights activists all over the country. The ladies upon interrogation, admitted shoplifting, but, were ready to pay for the stolen panties or be handed over to the Police. This, they claim, did not go down well with the Manager of the shop who, instead, made them crawl on their knees, an act the ladies described as traumatizing, inhuman and a violation of their human rights.

After walking away to safety, the ladies sought legal advice and reported the incident to the Police who subsequently picked up the Manager and shop owner for questioning the following day. The Police launched a full flexed investigation into the matter and have indicated that the two will be arraigned before court.  

Today, yours truly decided to put pen to paper, so you could have something to think over.
Your's truly's topic sounds quite weird, but are you really sure you know your rights? I mean, the very fundamental ones?

Does the shoplifters have a genuine cause to seek justice?

Chapter Five of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana basically highlights the Fundamental Human Rights of all citizens of the land. Article 15, Clause (1) states that "The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable" and Clause (2) also states that "No person shall, whether or not he is arrested, restricted or detained, be subjected to:
(a) torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,
Again, Clause (3) clearly states that "A person who has not been convicted of a criminal offense shall not be treated as a convicted person...

Since an accused person can ONLY be proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction, the ladies are only accused persons and shouldn't have gone through what they experienced.
Even though a lot of people have suffered similar or even worse fate, sometimes lynching, it takes the knowledge of one's human rights to seek redress or justice.

So, my lovely blogfam, when next your rights is infringed upon, get a copy of the constitution, seek legal advice and justice will be smiling at you.



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