Interview with Teenagers Outreach Ministries President


  1. blessings and good day....
    I hope that this man is legit and there are no nasty skeletons about molestation and exploitation of the youths at the camp.

    Do i sound skeptic, well so many hid behind God to do their illicit deeds. If he's legit, then all blessings to him and the work he does.

  2. Lol Rhapsody! thanks for your comment, but I've known this man personally since 2004. I have sat under his ministry and can faithfully say he is only fulfilling his calling. I've been part of his camp meeting playing VERY key role ever since. Currently my hubby is the Coordinator for the Ghana Chapter of his ministry - a non-denominational group ministering to teenagers across Africa and the US. The headquarters is in Abuja with branches all over the other states. He is Ihezie Imo.

  3. i know him too. i can promise you rhapsody.. in TOM we are accountable to God!

  4. This is a fantastic father and mentor...I am blessed to have met him and TOM... Let's Link the world with Christ!


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